New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Simply Amazing’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz pulls double duty, serving up two songs in one day. After dropping the seductive “Dive In,” Trigga sings his girl’s praises on “Simply Amazing.” “The girl’s a work of art and I can’t help but stare/ With a smile like the sunset and the ocean is her hair,” sings a lovestruck Trey over the triumphant beat. Plus, watch his sexy Chapter V spot below.

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  1. poe

    so ready for this album!


  2. RomanZolanski

    a lot of artists moving towards europop these days(not saying its bad to grow as an artist). its nice to see an artist sticking to his core and essence and not taking the route to fast money with pop songs. great effort trey! the vocals are rediculuously amazing!
    chapter v will slay!


    me Reply:

    @RomanZolanski, and it sounds like your talking about your leader nicki minaj


  3. Roro

    It’s cool! Reminds me of Bruno’s song though


  4. bigboi

    Im so disappointed with trey songz..he went from songs like last time to cant be friends to simply amazing!! Simply bullshit…trey songz now makes pop music..very disappointed and im a fan :-(


  5. Sub0

    trey i understand what you tryna do here but for fck sake just stick fckng what you kn best bruh


  6. LuvIt

    I love this Trey. You can’t make everyone happy. But just know that the fans that have been there ffrom the beginning understands and sees the growth and will always support you. I love this song. It is different without selling out to pop and techno. I love it.


  7. ...

    This is not a shot at Trey, but I don’t understand why people say “going pop” is showing growth? How is following overused trends like making euro-dance growing artisticly? Showing growth is daring to be different while still creating great and inspiring music. Going pop is the easy way, imo.
    I’m not really feeling this song, but I can respect Trey for at least trying to step out if his comfort zone without blatantly sounding like everything else in the mainstream.


    Ice Reply:

    @…, I agree 100%


  8. Morgan

    I’m no huge Trey Songz fan, but I believe he’s on record as saying this album is going to showcase all of him and that it’s for his CORE fanbase.

    I personally like this song much more than “Dive In” and I’m not discriminatory towards any genre of music. “Simply Amazing” is actually a breath of fresh air for me, coming from Trey.

    His vocals are nice, too.


  9. Jayla

    I prefer “Dive In”, but this isn’t too bad


  10. TheDreamer

    I like it. The song is a mix of R&B/Pop and his vocals are great. Can’t wait to hear more music.


  11. Eslee Mhashu

    good album so so touching definately makes me wanna ………….


  12. Eslee Mhashu

    specially so amazing dedicating that for my gal Masline


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