Rap-Up TV: No I.D. Talks Nas, Kanye West, and Rihanna Albums

As executive vice president at Def Jam, No I.D. overseas a roster of superstars. While being honored at the 25th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards, the Chicago producer spoke about some of his upcoming projects including Nas, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

First up is Nas’ 10th album Life Is Good, for which he handled the bulk of production. The project marks a return to the rapper’s “Nasty” roots. “[Nas] said, ‘Hey, this is a hip-hop album. That’s what this is and that’s what I want to make and let it be a hip-hop album,’” No I.D. told Rap-Up TV.

A new Kanye West album is also in the works, but the G.O.O.D. Music compilation will drop first. “It’s for the streets. It’s Kanye. He hasn’t missed yet,” he said of Cruel Summer, due August 7.

And if that wasn’t enough, he is also beginning work on Rihanna’s next album. “I’m going in next week for about a week,” he revealed.

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  1. Critic

    Rihanna needs a break.
    People are tired of seeing her.
    Take a year or 2 off. Def Jam is milking her.
    Poor girl.


  2. INCAS

    I hope Rihanna’s new album has 15 tracks+


  3. Mickey

    I think they believe if Rihanna takes a break we’ll forget about her. When in reality, she’s made her mark in music and a break would probably make her more appreciated.

    P.S. If you think Beyonce needs to take a break than so does Rihanna.


    jacq Reply:


    Actually, that’s exactly why they’re releasing her music at such a rapid pace. You’re correct. During the promo for “Talk That Talk” her manager, Jay Brown, gave info on why they decided to move along from “LOUD” to being work on another LP. He said with the music industry moving so fast now, a 2-year album wait could mean a loss of an audience, who request new music as fast as they get it.

    I think what he said is very true, because this generation does request new music faster than ever. YET, I am sure that if she took a year off her audience would remain the same and the quality of her music would have more depth.


    thEbEaUty19 Reply:

    @jacq, i agree..sounds about right


    blessed Reply:

    @jacq, yea…ppl like nelly furtado shouldnt have taken such breaks from “loose”…those are the artists that need to come thru with new music as often as they can


  4. GOOD>YM

    Cruel summer fuk yeah :D, I’m sorry but I feel like Life is good is gonna be a flop, my opinion don’t hate.


    backpacker Reply:

    @GOOD>YM, flop I’m not so sure but I can agree to average album, heard the Amy winehouse collab and it wasn’t as great as I expected and the other songs are well just good not great


  5. Memorize

    God would Rihanna please take a break

    I’m a huge fan of hers, went to her tour and had a great time

    But seven albums already?! C’mon !! Def Jam let her take a break!


  6. Shane

    Rihanna won’t release the album till 2013 to coincide with her new tour. So she will get a years break. I agree that def jam be trying to milk her dry as she is the most prolific artist on their roster that sells well consistently regardless.

    So with that said its not that defjam is afraid that Rihanna will be forgotten because that can’t happen as she is vogue Italian woman of the year2012. Vogue said it best she is the best artist poised to be the new queen of pop as she sells well had an array of hits and has the best and most exuberant pop star personality.
    DefJam would like her to release and album every year because Rihanna is the breadwinner of the label, she keeps Defjam afloat


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Shane, TRUTH but I am a fan and would like her to not disappear from the spotlight but no new album till beginning of 2014. She can still do features though and milk TTT till end of the year.


    Name Here Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, co-sign and she going on tour for TTT in 2013 so the album isnt coming out any time soon


    Miguel Reply:

    @Shane, Understandable but keep in mind every major label has a breadwinner or a top female that’s selling but they’re not putting out an album every year. Hopefully it will come out late 2013 because it would honestly work in her benefit.


  7. Zack

    It’s kinda true that you lose album sales by waiting. Look at Usher. He had a huge urban hit and a decent pop hit and his album is flopping. Could it be because he waited 2 years since his last release? While I love Rihanna and will buy her album regardless, I would love it if she didn’t release another album until next spring/summer.


  8. TheDreamer

    I also think Rihanna should take a break. Maybe a new album release at the end of 2013/early 2014. That way she can do her tour and have a few months break before releasing the album.

    I can’t wait till Nas album and the G.O.O.D. music album.


  9. Concerned fan

    Rihanna needs to be droppin this album in mid to late 2013!!..she’s experiencing diminishing returns,her last album is not even platinum,and she had a ten week number 1 single(anyways dance music doesnt sell albums)…she is not seeming like someone who is thinking long term,like wanting to build a solid catalogue.


  10. Concerned fan

    @Zack, its not the waitin that killed ushers sales..its scream, its a hit yes…but dance music sells singles, not albums..case in point, lmfao,nicki and starships,rihanna and we found love(compare with the last album sales).. Maybe if he had pushed lemme see a harder,brought out the video sooner, and scrapped scream,he would have sold more


  11. Thomas Kingi

    @Thomas Kingi, This is for my LOVE. LOVE YOU DARLING!! blow you a kiss (mmwwahh) happy ever after. Darling, Darling.


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