Cassie Readies Mixtape ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’


Cassie returned earlier this year with her electro-dance single “King of Hearts,” but she’s been laying low since then. In a letter to her fans, the Bad Boy singer updated them on the status of her oft-delayed album and revealed plans for a mixtape/EP called Rock-A-Bye Baby, due by the end of the summer. The 25-year-old, who recently changed management, has been in the studio with hitmakers including Ester Dean and working on her sophomore set. She is still tweaking the project, but promises it will be worth the wait. Read her letter below.

A letter to my fans: Hey!! How are you guys? I’m great! I just moved, so I’m getting settled at my new place. I had a dope session with Ester Dean last night. She is… Everything I needed and I’m cutting another record with Will.I.Am today. Not bad, huh? I’m working simultaneously on my album and my Mixtape/EP. I know you all are wondering, Mixtape, huh? Well… I think the best we can be as human beings is to be resilient, right? I’m now at Interscope still with Bad Boy, which is amazing. I have GREAT new management that you’ll find out about soon and everything is FINALLY falling into place the way it’s supposed to, but one thing is missing. The music being delivered to you. Now, we all know that this album has been years in the making. Creating, starting over, changing, leaks, growing, starting….never stopping :) BUT I wouldn’t change any minute of it. You get a better version of me for being so patient. This additional project is for you guys. My Mixtape is called Rock-A-Bye Baby, don’t take it so literal… Lol. You’ll see why. I am so proud of this project. It’s not pop, it’s not R&B, it’s Cassie. It’s why you fucked with me in the first place. I love you guys and your continued love and support. I’m a lucky girl. So…. don’t get frustrated OR upset with me!!! Okay??? ;) I know you feel like you’ve gotten the run around. Trust me, I have too. Something wonderful/exciting/fantastic is being created, just for you…because I love you guys and because I can ;)

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  1. Mileka®



    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Mileka®, I think the title fits her appropriate, it sums up her short lived career “Rock A BYE BABY”….By Cassie!


  2. The-Truth

    Cassie Slays. I love everything she does. She’s the new Vanity and she needs to learn how to capitalize on that.


    C1 Reply:

    @The-Truth, I agree


  3. Miguel

    I’d rather have the album but… I love her either way. Just give me some new Cassie & I’ll be good.

    P.S. All her leaked songs (which I own) could’ve made it’s own mixtape or possibly 2.


    Dee Reply:

    @Miguel, Do you have the mixtape yet?


  4. Phoenix Wright

    “It’s not pop, it’s not R&B, it’s Cassie. It’s why you fucked with me in the first place.”

    Ok now Cassie, we’ll have to see the music first but it sounds exciting.


  5. @ijustoriginate

    I can’t wait!! I love Cassie’s music!


  6. Gisaboy333

    Tupa kule wack


  7. Kyle

    I appreciate the update. I’ve been wondering what the status was with her album. It has been a long time in the making so I’ll be anxious to hear it.


  8. Luke

    Im f**king tired of waiting for 1 song to be released in years and album that’s never coming out.

    Ester Dean – ok, – hell no. Im over her.


  9. boom boom

    i don’t know about Easter… She seems to only give the great hit songs to huge stars like Rihanna & Katy Perry = /


  10. Ghetto Fab

    Cassie …… gurl….BYE! Her time has been up.


  11. lol

    cool can’t wait


  12. PopThat

    I don’t care..i’ll buy her album when it drops. Yall are so fake lmaoooo here it is yall hating on her but yall were the same people jamming to Me & U or Long Way 2 Go when those two tracks came out. ijs


    Ghetto Fab Reply:


    Yeah about …… I don’t know….. maybe a decade ago. And we are still waiting for the follow up. Unacceptable coming from an artist being backed by Diddy and Bad Boy.

    Think about it, Rihanna released SOS from “A Girl Like Me” in 2006. Do you know how long ago that was? C’mon Cassie!


  13. Boatango

    Oh girl just stop!


  14. Please

    …give it UP.


  15. TheDreamer

    It will be good to hear new music from Cassie cause it’s been a while, but and Ester? I just don’t think they will give her good songs.


  16. Mad-Ice

    Bring it on! King of Hearts was way too underrated. Working with Ester & sound even more promising. So amazing that we get a mixtape AND an album!!!



    COME ON!!!


  18. mz. spicy

    I like her ambition n grind do yo thang girl


  19. IonicIggy

    Its been wayyy too long. Her team is terrible for letting her go this long without a follow up. I hope her new management actually promotes her and gives her a fighing chance. And I hope Ester and will.I.Am dont screw her over


  20. Ewan

    Have her vocals improved then?


  21. rob

    She need to hurry the hell up!


  22. WonderLand19

    Gurllllllllll, this chick has been giving me the run around and i’m over it. I was a hard core Cassie fan and could see how great she could be. If Cassie doesn’t want to be a huge pop star then why should i continue to support her. Her excuses are allways ‘Oh, its the label’ ‘Oh, its the managements fault’ ‘Oh, i need a new musical direction’ gurl stop the BS. Just be straight with us. If you dont put in the hard work you dont get anywhere. Look at Rihanna. She has worked her butt off and look how it has payed off.
    Even when the perfect genre to compliment her voice comes around (Dance music) does grab the opportunity? No. she lets ‘King of Hearts’ flop when it could have been a massive hit in Europe.

    she could have done webisodes or youtube acoustic sessions to hold the fans and prove she really wants this. But does she, no.

    She could have done at least 4 mixtapes during this time during time.Also, she could have worked on her craft and went to dance classes and vocal training.
    Cassie has everything to succeed.The looks, the unique voice, the personality and a loyal fanbase. But she doesn’t WANT it. I’ve just realised this.If she doesn’t care or put in the hard work, why should I. I done with her.

    All the best Cassie, peace and love.


    mumi Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Word! I totally support you…


    cOMEaTmEbRO Reply:

    @WonderLand19, I agree with you, but she did go to vocal training. Her 2012 performance to “King Of Hearts” was 100x better then her performance of “Me & You” in 2006.
    But I am pissed off at the fact that she let “King Of Hearts” flop when it could have been a hit, coming from the fact that it was her 1st official single. She did NO promo for that song.

    She is so beautiful and it really shows in her pictures, but that’s the only thing, she needs to learn how to use her sexiness on stage etc… and she needs better dance moves as well. If she doesn’t come out with an album this year, i don’t think people will really care for her.


  23. mumi




    I can’t wait
    Man I love you cassie
    Long time fan


  25. Keeping It Real

    Cassie should be on her 4th album by now her debut dropped in 2006. Thats 6 years ago smfh. Most artists who want to stay relevant come out with an album every 2 years.


  26. Love for Him gdness

    people will be Boring @ her Music and then say she need to bring something that Nobody never heard of it. & Cassie haven’t drop a damn album since then. damn she deicde to wait too long.


  27. Love for Him gdness

    damn seem like Don’t nobody have time to wait on her album or mixtape to drop whenever it come out And Only her fans will wait Good Luck with that. would like to see Cassie Act in a Movie Or something that she can do Be side Music


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