Rita Ora Reveals the Gift She Bought Blue Ivy

Rita Ora

One of the perks of being signed to Roc Nation is hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Rita Ora shared what it’s like to be friends with the down-to-earth couple and gushed about meeting their daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

“She’s so pretty and her feet are like this big,” the “R.I.P.” singer told ITN backstage at the Wireless Festival in London.

She bought the 7-month-old tot a necklace with her name on it, but she was unable to wear it because it was too big. Her mother ended up wearing it instead.


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  1. W

    Ohhh so the ‘blue’ necklace Bey has been wearing is from Rita?! Awww :)


    CHJ Reply:

    @W, why would u buy a 7 month old a necklace tho


  2. mimi



  3. Realist: Navy-Nazi

    LMAO even fossil is trying to steal her own daughter shine…. it’s desperate cry fo help. #RIPFOSSIL


    RealIssh Reply:

    @Realist: Navy-Nazi, #ReachForTheStars


  4. Kalin

    Rita is so pretty


  5. Good Motherfuckin Music

    rita is garbage, sorry truth hurts, inb4someonerepliestome


    Michelle Reply:

    @Good Motherfuckin Music, when did rihanna navy get so mean and nasty??? You guys are making rihanna look bad. Its a cute gift for a baby you jerk.


    Ora-vuitton Reply:

    @Michelle,it’s probably a beyhive stan trying to make rihanna look bad, i can’t stand the whole hating and what not, it’s boring. like they are successful beautiful black woman why can’t they just co-exist.


  6. Susano

    Omg, I love her. Rita is such a sweetheart.


  7. cape-dutch

    Rita needs stop makin junk songs.she gotta beautiful voice bt ud neva think vokken jug mug needs 2let her be herself


  8. TheDreamer

    So cute. I like Rita…she’s got a good voice. I’d love it if she sung a slow ballad.


  9. Love for Him gdness

    so Cute and Nice OF rita ORa doing that for Beyonce daughter Blue


  10. rejanai

    i love beyonce like she was my mother


  11. rejanai

    i wish that she was my mother or something to me


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