Video: French Montana f/ Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne – ‘Pop That’

Rick Ross, Drake, and French Montana

Summer is officially underway. French Montana gets the party started in the video for his strip club anthem “Pop That,” the first single off his debut Excuse My French. The Bad Boy rapper links with Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne in the wet-and-wild clip, which was shot in Miami over Memorial Day weekend. Bust it open below.

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  1. YEAH

    Fix up the link! The video is not playing


    Eric Reply:

    @YEAH, it works. maybe you need a new computer.


    @Lewis_Bennett Reply:

    @Eric, One of the most annoying songs ever and the fuck has he got a towel over his head?


  2. _iamjones

    song wack video didnt make it better either


  3. YMCMB

    sounds like dj khaleed beat with fat man scoop saying don’t stop on repeat.


  4. Free Max B

    this shit wack. dat nigga max b rollin over in his cell. dis nigga french montana sold da fuck out!


  5. Free Max B

    french montana sold out. my ninja max b turnin over in his cell.


  6. DrakeTakeCare

    DRAKE!!!! aka Drizzy Hendrix


  7. Kalin



  8. cape-dutch

    Lambougini mercy these nikkas r so thirsty! kakman fuck ymcmb i nly lv dreyk Oh badboy n ciroc 2



    I stopped watching when lil wayne came in, the worst part of the song tbh.


    ogk Reply:

    @DRIZZY, good thing they put him on the end of the song…. aint gotta skip through it



    @ogk, That nigga still can’t skate & he has his own company


  10. jimscreechie

    What happened to French?


  11. Jay

    Drake had the best verse on this song! Keep hating on Drake, he just going be better!



    The I’m On One video was way better than this shit. Drake has the only decent verse as usual.


  13. MH

    Video sucks but I still love the song. I kinda wish 2 Chainz was on it though.


  14. Good Motherfuckin Music

    this song is overral complete garbage, only thing good about is drake’s verse


  15. TheDreamer

    It was an okay video until Lil Wayne came in on his skateboard haha.


  16. tru

    drake needa stop wearin those dumbass glasses


    daniel Reply:

    @tru, exactly what I was thinking.. looks like hes colour blind!


  17. OVO

    Drake’s part was THEE best!
    Ohgosh…Weezy & his damn skateboard, smh :P


  18. hotstuff



  19. Pucci

    Love the song, but the video has nothing to it. I mean the females wasn’t even dancing all like that. Just a bunch of ass shots, if thats they case they could’ve taken random ass shots from facebook & inserted it into the video. I mean I would’ve expected at least a little choreography. FYI, I bet this video will end up on 106 & Park!


  20. G20

    when drake slaps that girls ass haha


  21. Love for Him gdness

    what the heck this video is Bad taste & sound like a Mixtap song


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