New Music: Ne-Yo – ‘Let Me Love You’

Let Me Love You

After slowing it down with “Lazy Love,” Ne-Yo returns to the dance floor with “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself),” the new single off his upcoming album R.E.D., due September 18. “I would like to show you what true love can really do,” sings the R&B crooner over the synth-heavy Stargate and SIA production. A video has already been shot with director Christopher Sims (Cassie’s “King of Hearts”).

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  1. Whatcha_Sayin

    A far cry from another song he wrote with the same title


    Nina Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, Was about to say the same thing! Ne-Yo’s supposed to be the Motown Records executive as well… :/


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, Did he come out of the closet yet?


  2. Zeezy

    Everybody’s jumping on that euro-pop bandwagon just to sell records. So sad.


    ^^^^ Reply:

    @Zeezy, I KNOW! When is it going to end?!?!


    NIKZ Reply:

    It will end when someone brings out an RnB track which actually makes the TOP 100 BILLBOARD, Considering LAZY LOVE never even came close to cracking the TOP 100 BILLBOARD, it’s NOT a surprise that Ne-Yo took this route. RnB songs are now being labelled as Promo Songs (RnB version of a Hip-Hop Street Single)


  3. Cranberry

    Terrible, but yas. Show these tired R&B stans that R&B is dead and never to return. YAS.


    frenchconnnnection. Reply:

    @Cranberry, i don’t agree even if it’s almost dead.

    listen to a brand new song : “Mirage” chris brown ft Nas. one of the best chris brown song

    or “heart attack” and “can’t be friends” from trey songz…. and “thinkin about you” from frank ocean…

    let’s hope that (real) rnb is not dead thanks to all these amazing productions…


    Neickha Reply:

    @frenchconnnnection., You think Mirage is one of Chris’ best songs? Hes barely singing on that song.


  4. Theirthedevilschildren

    very dissapointed in this euro pop trash they brainwashing people into thinking is real music, very sad!


  5. A.T.

    Нееее.. Уже не тот Ne-Yo слишком танцевально что-ли=))))


  6. KayeV

    he cant be serious ? why are all them R & B peeps doing this cheesy / microwave / ibiza anthems 24-7 shite


  7. JLawls

    This isn’t as bad as his other dance trash but it annoys me how all these RnB stars are selling their souls to sell more records!


  8. Good Motherfuckin Music

    Mario – Let Me Love You (prod. Scott Storch) >>>>>>> greatest R&B track of the 2000′s


    Jazzy Reply:

    @Good Motherfuckin Music, but also co-written by Ne-Yo. You can’t forget that.


  9. Miles

    Its not all that. But his song is better than like 90% of the other people who jump on this bangwagon. All yall act like this song is just downright terrible. Its not even THAT bad. its listenable. I hate generic pop as much as every on else but this isn’t that bad like others


  10. Replay

    If Usher would record it everyone would act like: Not again a fast/dance beat….. shaking my head


  11. Triniti

    I like it … it’s a change of pace. But, then again, this is coming from someone who likes most music genres.


  12. J. Peezy

    Standard beat, but nice lyrical content.


  13. DJInVincible74

    I like this a lot better than “Lazy Love”.


  14. EliteNavii

    I like it. Neyo been doing R&B/Pop since songs like closer I don’t see how this a far cry from his style….it def still has R&B sensibilities. Plus he already gave you that with lazy love is every song supposed to be like that?


  15. Pure

    I like it. Ne-Yo gave some great R&B his last album no one was trying to support that project & it was an awesome project! I support Ne-Yo no matter what.
    Am I tired of Euro-pop? Yes.
    But it’s a few songs out there that ACTUALLY have content in the lyrics & this is one.


  16. kelly macintosh

    i can never take ne-yo serious as an artist, i prefer him behind the scenes. that’s just me personally!


  17. anonymous

    Listen to this 2-3 times and you’ll realize that this is a radio pleaser! One that I personally like. It would be different if Ne-Yo was an artist of no depth. It’s good to have feel good records just as much as ballads and the like. Can’t wait for R.E.D.!


  18. Love for Him gdness

    this isn’t bad song damn people if u don’t like it then shut up


  19. TheDreamer

    It’s okay. His voice is good and it’s better than some dance pop music.


  20. JGood863

    It isn’t bad, but not necessarily my cup of tea. A lot of artists are jumping on the europop bandwagon, but Chris Brown and Usher are two of the few that excel at it while still remaining true to R&B. Y’all can hear what I mean on Chris Brown’s new album ‘Fortune’!


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