Bridget Kelly Debuts New Material in New Orleans

Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly left her heart on the stage at the ESSENCE Music Festival. The Roc Nation songstress debuted two new songs during her soulful set in New Orleans over the weekend.

She won over some new fans as she belted out “Special Delivery,” a personal song about getting your heart broken. By the end of her emotional performance, tears were streaming down her face.

She wiped away her tears and embarked on the “happy chapter” of her journey with the upbeat “This Love,” the first single off her debut album.

“Even when I’m heartbroken and down, I still love love,” the impassioned singer told the crowd.

[Soul Culture]

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  1. Neickha

    I like her. I didn’t know she was with Roc Nation


  2. J. Peezy

    True talent rises above… go BK!


  3. Black Pantha

    This trick is just mad Frank Ocean’s version of her single is better than her entire album! This bitch!


    georgia23 Reply:

    @Black Pantha, What does that have to do with anything? I just don’t understand where your anger is coming from.


    Black Pantha Reply:

    @georgia23, Bridget Kelley is a has-been, & she hasn’t even started. flop!


  4. ladyrt23

    i sure hope her new album is released this year!!! she speaks those lyrics i keep hidden within.


  5. tooreal

    she looks and sounds like melanie fiona just a lighter version….


  6. MusiqLover

    I love this girl. Such a beautiful voice!


  7. Dallas Williams

    Frank Ocean wrote “Thinking about Forever” for Bridget Kelly. That’s a fact. He wrote it for her as a performer at Roc Nation.

    In my opinion, her versions (check out the acoustic version in particular) are much better than Frank’s. But of course Black Panther is entitled to share his hostile opinion, too. Just listen for yourselves and decide. Do take anyone’s work for it. That’s what entertainment is all about.

    Bridget is the real deal IMO.


  8. Nicole

    I love all of Jay-Z artists but he needs to promote them equally. Melanie Fiona, Bridget Kelly, and Alexis Jordan should be receiving the same treatment as Rita Ora is getting. I love Rita, but but fellow Roc Nation female singers need promo too


    Nicole Reply:

    @Nicole, *but her fellow


    Dallas Williams Reply:

    @Nicole, I agree with you 125%


    sabrina Reply:

    @Nicole, I agree. Its not fair.


  9. Truedat

    I think she is way more talented than Rita Ora and this girl really tells a story, look at her tears.. It is heartbreaking. The single sounds epic btw.


  10. Kadafi



  11. TH

    Great vocals :-)


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