New Music: Nas f/ Miguel & Swizz Beatz – ‘Summer on Smash’


The summer just got hotter. Nas drops his summertime anthem “Summer on Smash” from his upcoming album Life Is Good, due Tuesday. The Don cooks up a feel-good banger, featuring a cool verse from Miguel and Swizz Beatz’ slick production. Bump this in your Jeep all summer long.

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  1. Jamie Lindsay

    i LIKE IT


  2. da fox'z don

    this is a mean COMBO!!


  3. SymphonicLove

    Amazing Production miguels Verse is Really nice


  4. rambambam

    I HATE it when Swizz beatz is on the hooks, other than that… I like it.


    Dante J Reply:

    @rambambam, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. AAA

    Whoa this is pretty ill


  6. Ice

    DOPE, I don’t care for Swiss Beatz but he does have a knack for getting people hype.


  7. Victoria

    Half Ethiopian


    Victoria Reply:

    @Victoria, *thanks for the shoutout Nas lol


  8. ayo

    Swizz is finally back,
    Hot Track


    Radny Reply:

    you dickriders are fucking unbelieveable. now swizz is cool because he on a nas track? yet just last week you week hating on him hard….you nas fans are fucking clowns


  9. Mr Nice Watch

    NICE, whole album is a #Classic


  10. massiveattack5

    actually not feeling this…swizz has been ruining songs lately, 1st the slaughterhouse song then this. :/


  11. Taylor

    Miguel sounds like Slick Rick to me on this


  12. TheDreamer

    I like it. May be the worst song i’ve heard from the album, but it’s still pretty good.


  13. GooGle

    I actually am quiet happy for Nas for making it so big after all these years …
    The track aint my taste ….
    But the proves Real Rapper will survive in Hip-hop and the fake ones will just be there for one 0r two years before their albums starts flopping *Cough Nicki Ha
    Lil Joke I got for @Minajrules2012


  14. Cida

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