Video: Fabolous – ‘Swag Champ 24/7’


Fabolous earns his crown as the “Swag Champ” in his latest video. “What would swag be without me?” asks Loso as he trains with his swag coach in the comical visuals. He runs in his Givenchy sleeveless hoodie and lifts Louis Vuitton bags as he prepares for his match in the ring. Can anyone defeat the champ? Get ready for a swag showdown.


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  1. Sharp Tongue

    Lol I’m so sick of the word “swag” -__-.


  2. The blue

    Ok, so he trains with necklace and sunglasses ? That look funny.


  3. ogk

    His swagin up tha ass!!! :/


  4. bitchitsme



  5. gaddafi beiber

    you ARE the swag champ Fab


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