New Music: Taio Cruz – ‘Fastcar’

Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz drives the dance floor with his new single “Fastcar.” “Girl you really turn me on/ You know you make my engine run,” sings the British pop star over the roaring Max Martin and Klas Åhlund production. Put the keys in the ignition and take off with Taio.

[Just Jared]

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  1. Max

    He used to be great in his R&B times. But since he sold his ass to pop scene he’s nothing more than generic singer with generic pop-club songs.


    Nina Reply:

    @Max, Ikr!!! His first album was really good, but he sold out big time :( I still listen to ‘She’s like a Star’ every now and again lol…same goes for other UK artists like Jay Sean…


  2. ayo

    smash Hit YES
    Generic YES but a pint difference,

    usedd to like his rnb stuffz too but
    hw often do rnb songs go 3X plat ,
    he simply makes what the masses want to hear like a real pop star should.

    Max martin still one of the best ever


  3. Kalin

    I like this.

    But “Higher” with Kylie Minogue is my favorite.


  4. boom boom

    generic, really GENERIC, but good though.


  5. RP

    I agree, Max Martin really does make hits, period. It’s crazy how just about every song he’s produced has been a hit. And here we go again, another smash. I’m glad to see Taio still hustling to get the US a hit for his second album, and I really hope this is the winner finally. The album’s been released in other countries for months now, but without this song, so it was clearly made especially for us in the states. Hopefully we get the album soon with a brand new tracklist, although I love all of the records released so far (“Hangover”, “Troublemaker”, “There She Goes”).


  6. DJInVincible74

    Nice song. I think this could garner him another hit here in the U.S. Such a shame that “Hangover” flopped stateside.


  7. Whatcha_Sayin

    NO he has always been awful. His r&b stuff was shit so he sold out and made generic dance crap which sells but…is still shit.

    Props to him though for making money off of it though


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