Rap-Up TV: Nas Talks Frank Ocean, Remembers Amy Winehouse

With just days to go before his 10th album Life Is Good arrives in stores, Nas caught up with Rap-Up TV at the ESPYS to discuss collaborating with his late friend Amy Winehouse on “Cherry Wine.”

“Amy was just one of a kind. We just clicked like that. May she rest in peace,” said the hip-hop icon. “She’s watching us, she’s holding me down and I’m holding her down here. It’s just love forever.”

He also had a message for those jumping on the Frank Ocean bandwagon following the singer’s revelation about his sexuality. “Everybody’s getting excited about records for the wrong reason,” said Nas, who collaborated with the Odd Future member on the lost song “No Such Thing as White Jesus.” “Listen to the music. The music is number one.”

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  1. Jason

    Fuck Nas. That song wasn’t lost. Artists and engineers backup all of their songs. He didn’t want Frank on a song with him so he deleted the session.


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Jason, It was frank’s song dude… Nas wouldn’t have the access or the authorization to delete the session


    Jason Reply:

    @XO till we overdose, No, it was Nas’s song. The news about the lost song came out days ago. Frank was featured on it.


    Guest Reply:

    @Jason, Frank Ocean is on the album……its cool to hate, but damn, do ur research first……


  2. Mr Nice Watch

    Damn straight. I’m behind REAL MUSIC. nothing more or less.


  3. topmos

    Nothing no one can tell me. Nas Į̸̸̨§ t̲̣̣̥hƐ̷̃̊ best that ever spit on t̲̣̣̥hƐ̷̃̊ mic…RESPECT


  4. Kalin

    Damn straight! I hope they hit the studio up to re-do that collab, though…damn that “technological error.” My favorite rapper and one of the most talented young singers on the rise … been a fan since the beginning!


  5. Jason

    The song wasn’t really lost. Nas didn’t want Frank on the record with him.


  6. Child Please

    Nas didnt want to talk about that ghey shiiit…lol He cut her off quick.


  7. :)

    What is he trying to say?


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @:), he’s saying some people are paying attention to Frank because he announced his sexuality not cause of the music


  8. TheDreamer

    Can’t wait for the album. I hope he gets to record that song with Frank!


  9. Dro

    Franks album is still great and better than most generic R&B it one hit wonder guys. The man’s lyric ability has no competition from any current male artist and his production is next level. I don’t wanna gas it because it’s already being heavily d*ck rode but F*CK IT’S A GOOD ALBUM.


  10. Dukes

    I think artist are upset cause Frank’s album sale predictions are good. The music is good. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bandwagon. His coming out caught people attention, which then cause them to hear the music. I’ve been a frank fan since his mix tapes and I’m not at all mad that his fan base has broaden. People respect honesty and courage. It’s all love


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @Dukes, Right ‘ Kinda Feel Some type of way watching this interview . & Nas Is My Fav Rapper .


  11. Jacklyn Johnson

    Amy Winehouse was so talented and had so much potential. It’s sad we lost her. I miss her. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk page Christina.


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  16. happy

    Nas all day! G.O.A.T

    -One Love


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