Rap-Up TV: Swizz Beatz Talks Mixtape, Alicia Keys Album

Before he and Nas set the stage on fire at the ESPYS with their summertime anthem “Summer on Smash,” Swizz Beatz filled us in on his latest projects.

The hip-hop impresario is working on his mixtape Limitless and announced that Chris Brown and Ludacris are featured on the single “Everyday Birthday.” “Get ready to have fun ya’ll,” he told Rap-Up TV.

He has also been cooking up tracks for Alicia Keys’ upcoming album, revealing that she has some “special surprises” in store next week. A video for the Swizz-produced single “New Day” will be shot soon. “Just thing big, just think new day,” he teased.

While careful not to reveal too much, he did say that his Grammy-winning wife has recorded an “amazing” song with Babyface. “It’s a timeless piece,” said Swizz of Alicia’s fifth album.

In addition to music, Swizz is applying his Midas touch to other ventures. Since becoming Reebok’s creative director, sales of the company have jumped 30 percent. Next up, he will oversee a new campaign for Aston Martin.

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  1. Miszi

    I’m pretty sure “Everday Birthday” is “Dance Like a White Girl” that he performed with Chris Brown last year.


  2. hero

    this fool is an old ass joke that looks like Humpty from Digital Underground. All he does is use whoever’s hot to get on… NEXT!


    Miszi Reply:

    @hero, At least he is a great producer unlike Dj Khaled who just screams over the songs.


  3. Tim

    It’s amazing what a little of the right influence can do for you. I’d never heard of this person until the whole AK situation came along.


  4. TheDreamer

    I’m looking forward to hearing the Babyface song.


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