Video: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Bed Rest (Freestyle)’

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa lights up some kush and kicks a freestyle backstage at a show in the video for “Bed Rest,” produced by Sledgren. With a bandana wrapped around his head, the shirtless and tatted Taylor Gang leader reflects on his life and makes his haters envy his success. Catch the high.

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  1. King255

    Kush bway making it dope!!


  2. Basze Lineaj



  3. Corey flood

    How do u tur that bandana like that


  4. Nciss

    Yo! If u’re down with that ILL HIP HOP and/or that GANJAH, then u need 2 peep the ORIGINAL vids on my channel, like Let Me Be Free , Pass The Fluffy , Roll It Up Zone Out ! They will have you LUNCHIN’, eseiapclly if u’re BLAZED UP!


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