Video: R. Kelly – ‘Feelin’ Single’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is single and ready to mingle in the video for “Feelin’ Single” off his latest album Write Me Back. The R&B veteran looks over photos of his girl out clubbing with her girlfriends and another man, but instead of moping around, he decides to hit the town and have his own fun. The clip includes an elaborate Broadway-inspired musical breakdown. “Two can play the game, so ladies, I’m a single man!” proclaims Kellz.

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  1. Ryan

    Boring as ever!


    MinjaRulePart2&3 Reply:

    @Ryan, your mom is boring AS well u is too


  2. Faith

    His jacket/scarf/gloves combo really bothered me lol..


  3. chocolateboi

    im a fan but dang he just needs to focus on black panties


  4. TA826

    Love It! Kelly please continue to make these artist step up. RNB is boring!!!


  5. Fresh AF

    really cool video, especially the Broadway part :)


  6. doris

    Not feelin this.Bring back the old R.Kelly with the R&B hits.#1


  7. D. Kellz

    I like this video Kellz always comes with something creative I’m also waiting on the Black Panties album but I love his love letter and write me back album because it shows his range and how he can do many types of music and grow as an artist. It’s a reason he is the King Of R&B! Much respect to kellz and also knowing that you will have some people who like the songs and some that don’t but keep making that music because I love it. And I know the 12 play kells will be bringing that love making CD soon. But I love the break down in this video with the broadway singing part.


    Sheila Reply:

    @D. Kellz,

    I totally agree.


  8. ohyeah

    I dig it. Something different! Real R&B!


  9. Mario

    Smart video, excellent showmanship.


  10. Sheila

    I love it! The Broadway breakdown was a great look. I love to see his creativity. Sidebar, he’s lookin good too.


  11. ohh

    He’s a musical genius! Loved the Broadway part. Keep it up, Kellz!


  12. Fa

    How come he is doin’ the Michael jackson sound and swag?
    Is Ne- Yo Dead!?LOL
    Pathetic “artists” both of them: Ne-Ho and Fart Kelly!

    I wish someone would do something relevant. Real singing and performances that could keep up with Michael – even on a bad day!
    This alone would be better than everything else that is recorded and played today!


  13. Seun

    9ce video concept. 9ce music video. The write me back album is great. Can’t wait 4 the black panties album & revival of the trapped in the closet. Keep up the gud work KELLS’


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