New Music: Fergie f/ Pitbull & DJ Poet – ‘Feel Alive (Revolution Remix)’

Fergie and Pitbull

Fergie has been enjoying her hiatus from music, but the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman makes a brief return with “Feel Alive.” The dance floor anthem, which appears on the Step Up Revolution soundtrack, kicks off with a verse from Mr. 305 Pitbull, while Fergie and DJ Poet get the club fired up on the heart-pounding production. Pump your fists to this.

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  1. jaoji

    I love it.


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @jaoji, I HATE it!!! Boring, sounds like everything else on the radio. NEXT!!!!!!


    me Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, says a Nicki Minaj stan! LOL


  2. nicole



  3. dejwoo

    blaaaah :/ i don´t like it at all!!!!!!!!!!


  4. MusiqLover

    annoying, im sorry. i usually like her but i’m not feeling it at all. maybe next time.


  5. Ryan

    Hot garbage! She can do better than that!!


  6. bijan

    I like it a lot.But honestly Im sick of Pitbull


  7. HUGH

    Cool. She does sound like Axl Rose


  8. Felipe

    Not impressing at all, I mean, compare this track to any track on The Dutchess and suffer, she’s an amazing voice & an incredible talent, she can’t be wasting it like this


  9. Tbozfan10

    2 terrible artists on a track together. What could go Wrong?


  10. walid

    Fuck u Haterz Fuck off Stop Hating ButtHoles this is Amazing Butt MOnkeiz


    blsze linenavy24 Reply:

    @walid, Ain’t NObody hating people can say their Opoion so u shut the F up bitch


  11. TheDreamer

    This is terrible. It’s irritating.


  12. blsze linenavy24

    damn this is so so Terrbile. and she need to do some better Music and this sounds like a Mixtape Music Ain’t nobody hating some People just don’t like her Music


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