Trailer: Ludacris – ‘Jingalin”


Ludacris recalls his wild night in the trailer for “Jingalin’,” the first single off his upcoming album Ludaversal. The Atlanta rapper thumbs through photos from the party that included a jello wrestling match, Oompa Loompas, and plenty of Conjure cognac.

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  1. dee

    lol that is so whack


  2. ANON

    This is só gross….


  3. coolio

    just lost my appetite….


  4. MsMickiii

    The video stuck @ 37 seconds for me making me realise what those dolls were doing


  5. Tbozfan10

    Didnt he already make a video like this a few years ago?


  6. DTP

    Crazy ass time, wild party J i n g a l i n baby!! Lol…x dope!!


  7. TheDreamer

    It looks alright.


  8. blsze linenavy24

    It look Okay


  9. Brittney

    If Ludacris never dropped another album again I wouldn’t give a fuck. Yes, I am a hater.


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