Machine Gun Kelly and Ester Dean Perform ‘Invincible’ on ‘Leno’

MGK and Jay Leno

Machine Gun Kelly laced up late night with his network television debut on Wednesday. The Cleveland “Wild Boy” was joined by Ester Dean, who rocked braids, while performing their empowering anthem “Invincible,” the first single off MGK’s Bad Boy debut Lace Up, due in October.

“Jay fucking Leno tonight!!! Cleveland boys in the building!!” tweeted an excited MGK, later adding, “Did Jay Leno and they still booked me a middle seat…hahaha dude smh.”


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  1. IndieReece

    First! Slayed!!!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @IndieReece, I mean it was ALRIGHT nothing to brag about though. that was just an average performance and Esther Dean looks like a Gorilla.


    Yeah Yeah Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, must you always say stupid shit. Ester looks like a black woman unlike the untalented clown you stan for.


    joey Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, without ester, the clown you stan fors biggest song, superbass, would never have happened.


    What? Reply:


    You are either a troll, or else deaf and blind. Watch. It. Again. Turn “off” your hate before you watch. If you cannot admit that this was a fantastic (maybe even legendary) performance in terms of bringing live rap to a late night television show audience, then you are altogether without credibility. You can hate the music all day long, but that performance was at the top-5-ever level for the venue that was provided. It was No. 1 in terms of heart and passion. HOP the &$$% OFF.


  2. Killa Heart

    Love It! MGK’s energy >> & Dean just kills! 2 underrated greats.


  3. Nathan

    Yeah, I saw this when it aired. Great performance….although, I’m pretty sure Newt Gingrich was uncomfortable as hell lmao


  4. Grant

    Jay Leno’s chin is everything.


  5. kim

    saw the show—THEY ROCKED IT.


  6. Chillax

    Awesome performance. Hard to pull that off on late night TV but they delivered.


  7. ashley

    love it! MGK is amazing. So glad he’s takin it to the top!


  8. TeeJ

    Watched it last night, good performance just wished Ester (who i love her songwriting ability) lip synced :/


  9. Lace Up

    so proud of MGK! came from nothing & now “ya boy’s on national TV” =)


  10. Dan

    Ester dean is the best!!!


  11. Amit

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  12. Malinda

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  14. Crouton

    MGK did one hell of a job with his performance on Leno, but I must say that Ester Dean really doesn’t do very well live. Some music performances are like that – they are better in the studio, where everything can be edited and enhanced to sound good for radio airplay. One of many great MGK songs.


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