Video: Ne-Yo – ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)’


Ne-Yo is a dancing machine in the video for “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself),” the new single off his upcoming album R.E.D., due September 18. The R&B gentleman puts some slick moves on the dance floor (and his girl) in the dance-heavy clip. He bares his toned physique in the bedroom, as he shows his lady just what she’s been missing. This is Ne-Yo like you’ve never seen him before.

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  1. djvon

    Nice i like, but the dance music is bkamin abit too much now. innovate/ invent smthin new


  2. bigwitt

    who is the girl ?


  3. Owen

    No body cares about Neyo anymore, she’s washed up


  4. Moi Moi Moi

    This song is whack as hell. Nice try though.


  5. Hannah

    Ne-Yo, BYE! You, Usher, Chris Brown and the rest of you R&B-turned techno/electro/pop/dance singers have chosen to go down the path of generic music to try and appeal to the masses. Whatever R&B songs y’all do have on your albums are CRAP. That’s the reason why your albums are not selling.

    I’m not a fan anymore.


    chanel Reply:

    @Hannah, apart from trey songz, tyrese


    Armand Reply:

    @Hannah, agreed. damn shame


  6. Natalia K.

    I love his style,voice,dance. I really like this video but this song?! What is it? Ne-yo was king of RnB..where is his beautiful voice?omg..where is true music? Usher ,Chris Brown,Pitbull,Flo-Rida and now Ne-Yo ?! omg..this is horrible.:/


  7. KT

    This has a “been there, done that” vibe…


  8. EliteNavii

    Majah!! Neyo is really bringing it this era, incorporating new sounds without it being weird or contrived. He’s still the same neyo idk why suddenly he has so many haters…..


  9. Ice

    Loved every bit of it, song and video are dope


  10. TheDreamer

    I love the video. The girl in the video is beautiful.


  11. anonymous

    Hate the choreo in this video – they could’ve done without it. The facial points things was cool.

    BTW, Does anyone else find it sad that a major music video that cost several (maybe hundreds?) thousands of $ to make, that is posted on one the most popular blog sites for its market, has less than 15 comments, 12 tweets, and 7 likes? Just wondering how the industry is surviving these days… :(


  12. blozie L24op

    Nice music Video and that Girl is Cute


  13. Fan

    @elitenavii i agree, I’m a little sick of these haters all of sudden. Seriously this what he’s bringing is amazing. Never really was the best dance but with hard work look at him now. Second stop complaining about the pop the pop I guess “closer” was not pop or ” because of you” this is pop randb. He has wide fan base not just us he appeals to so many other people. As an artist myself it’s hard to just do one style of music if your a lover of music. He does yal are tight he writes it for someone else it’s amazing. Ne-yo will forever be my fav artist and one of my song writers. Thank you and good day people Xoxo


  14. JLawls

    This isn’t as bad as his other dance crap but still, annoys me how musicians sell their souls to sell more records.


  15. JFenty

    LOve it! i think the choero made it better :)


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