Da Internz’ Artist Aaron Michael Cox Loses Battle with Cancer

Aaron Michael Cox

Hitmaking duo Da Internz (Rihanna, Big Sean) suffered a tragic loss when their artist Aaron Michael Cox lost his battle with cancer last Friday.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer in June. It quickly spread to his lungs and was so far along that Cox never had the chance to start chemotherapy.

The future was bright for Cox, who had worked with artists including Nas and Ludacris. He had just closed a publishing deal and was in the process of signing to a major label.

His debut single “Walk Away” made its debut in April to rave reviews.

A tribute celebrating his life will be held tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Universal Music Publishing Group offices in Santa Monica. All family, friends, and supporters are welcome.

Aaron Michael Cox Celebration

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  1. hhhhhhaa please!

    so sad… RIP


    Pure Reply:

    @hhhhhhaa please!,

    OMG what????
    I loved this song!!!! I was waiting for more!
    I agree…. so sad. R.I.P.
    My prayers are with his family & friends at this time.


    Say word Reply:

    @Pure, Yes, me too. I always write down my favorite songs from Rap Up and search for them to add them to the collection. This is beautiful. Gone too soon


  2. peace

    so young…


  3. Susan Miller

    This is a young man’s disease! The most common cancer in men 15-30. Don’t ignore a difference in your testicle. My son (also age 22) had this cancer but spoke up and was easily cured as it had not spread!


  4. yaayaah

    RIP buddy. Amazing song as well, can’t believe I have only heard it now.


  5. Jamie

    Wow his voice is AMAZING!!!!! That song is incredible too..



  6. trent

    OMGG How Sad and Soo Young R.I.P. He sounds Soo GOOD very Nice song


  7. Dash

    the saddest thing is that I learnt about his beautiful music when I saw this news

    RIP talent


  8. Morgan

    This is terrible! Condolences to the family.


  9. HUGH

    RIP. too young


  10. IndiGo

    such a tragedy. RIP Aaron. You and your talent left the world too soon.


  11. INCAS

    soo young. Really really sad. RIP


  12. Ice

    I remember this song, he had a beautiful voice! So sad, RIP and God Bless!


  13. ayeni99a

    im listening to sum marvin gaye and poppin chardonnay for dis nigga. rip prayers to your family.


  14. Jaymalls

    Stage 4? Men we have to take care of ourselves especially us who are independent contractors in the industry and don’t have the money to pay for health insurance! SMH! RIP Homie!!!


  15. Dezigner

    WOW!! SMH


  16. Freshed

    Wow mayne I actually remembered dude I have walk away in my library. Damn. This is a testimony that nothing in life is guarnteed. I’m thankful to have known of his existence and the impact he made during his short visit here. Thank you rap up for putting me on such a musical soul


  17. bitchitsme

    Just was listening to this song, RIP to this talent.


  18. Couture

    I just knew he was the next big thing! I listen to walk away all the time, i love his voice! RIP.


  19. Winston Churchill



  20. Phoenix Wright

    RIP I just found out about Da Internz recently. Condolences to his loved ones


  21. g_s17

    RIP. this is so sad, he was so talented.


  22. Nina

    R.I.P. Aaron


  23. Joey

    RIP this is too sad, I remember when I first heard Walk Away, I LOVED IT and I still play it. One of the best soul songs this year so far. Great talent, was definitely waiting for more music!


  24. Lisa

    Rest in peace. This is awful, such a promising future ahead of him…


  25. relly

    Rest in Peace. Jhene Aiko’s brother has now died from cancer as well. People in their 20′s man…so sad.

    He had a great voice, really like this “Walk Away” song.


  26. darius

    WOW… Just listening to this amazing song. Rest in peace Aaron


  27. mark

    It is a sad day when we lose a great talent at such a young age one thing is for sure GOD has reached out and took him home with him his pain and suffering on Earth is no more I know that AARON is in HEAVEN singing with the best of the best My heart and PRAYERS go out to his MOM and DAD and all of his FAMILY RIP WALK AWAY WITH GOD AND KNOW THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED AND MISSED


  28. Mimsy

    I feel so horrible, I did not know of this talent, and I just wanted to apologize for commenting that his song was “lame”. He had a great voice, very promising future. Rest in peace.


  29. penny sottoway

    rip arron….awsome song.taken way to soon. singing with the angels! god’s speed


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