Rap-Up TV: Sports Stars Salute Nas at the ESPY Awards

Nas is not only admired by his hip-hop peers. Some of sports’ all-stars showed their respect to the Don at the 2012 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. In honor of his 10th album Life Is Good, Vince Young, Ray Edwards, Spencer Paysinger, Mario Manningham, Lindsey Berg, and Kim Glass praised the “Nasty” rapper and explained why life is good.

“I went from life’s a bitch to life is good,” Nas told Rap-Up TV. “Like my man B.I.G. said, it feels stupendous. It just feels like I got the torch and I’m running with it. I’m trying to show people my passion for it is still here. I still love it.”

His “Summer on Smash” collaborator Swizz Beatz has plenty of reasons to celebrate life. “Life is good for me because I’m healthy,” said the super-producer. “I have a beautiful family. I have a talent that God gave me. I love giving back. Sky is not the limit, it’s just the view.”

Michael Robinson showed his appreciation for Nas’ lyricism. “He reminds me so much of Biggie [more] than any rapper that’s ever been out,” said the Seattle Seahawks running back. “He tells stories and I really understand his stories.”

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  1. GooGle

    Nas Is doing it big && whoever doesn’t acknowledged it is envying him
    Not ever one would be as big as he is after so many years of laying back && That a Fact



    Pure Reply:

    I agree.


    Jinx Reply:

    @Pure, I Agree 2 #LifeIsGood!


  2. 4evayoung

    Nas is the G.O.A.T he reminds me daily that it’s okay to be myself, trend setting fashion style, & overall the best.


  3. KROME

    NAS is one of the greatest ever.. Life Is Good for me after hearing his album!!


  4. TheDreamer

    Nas is one of the greatest rappers ever and there’s not many great ones. His album definitely changed my perspective on life.


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