New Music: Cher Lloyd f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘Want U Back (Remix)’

Want U Back

Cher Lloyd has already taken the U.K. by storm, and now she’s rising up the U.S. charts with her cheeky single “Want U Back.” The former “X Factor” contestant gets some help from Snoop Dogg, who rhymes U.K. with toupée on the remix. The 18-year-old British sensation will make her U.S. television debut on “America’s Got Talent” on July 25.


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  1. roZZZay

    really not bad!!!


  2. simonsez-CD

    So this shits all over the Astro version haha!


  3. HeavyHeavy

    why is rap-up posting bout this chick….terrible


  4. CarlosBonegro

    i hate when snoop collabs with shite artists on shite songs like this


  5. Fa

    Sounds like a Gwen Stefanie leftover!
    Damn this is so cheap it makes Madonna go LMAOMDNA!


  6. KayeV

    nooooo , hell no .. shes not important in the slightest no matter what


    Hank Reply:

    @KayeV, She was important enough for you to click her link. Oh.


  7. TheDreamer

    Really bad song. I don’t like it.


  8. Young Pereezy

    Come on guys, the isn’t that bad


  9. Ewan

    Cher’s cool. This is hella better than Swagga Jacka.


  10. Jay

    Cher Lloyd is that deal! Love this song! Can’t wait for the album! :)


  11. nxnvn

    taken the U.K. by storm. lol


  12. Ali

    Cher is amazing and a great artist


  13. Ira

    Love the song and video and can’t wait for the album! and what else she has to offer!


  14. janiqua



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