New Music: Wiz Khalifa f/ Game & Stat Quo – ‘Far From Coach’

Wiz Khalifa, Stat Quo, and Game

Wiz Khalifa touches the sky with Game and Stat Quo on “Far From Coach,” a new song he released via Twitter. The jet-setters rhyme about their lofty lifestyle on the laid-back cut. Prepare for take off.

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  1. TheDreamer

    I like it but Wiz always talks about the same thing: weed. I’d be surprised if he rapped about something else.


    Jayla Reply:

    @TheDreamer, This is True


  2. joe

    Hey “TheDreamer”, ever heard the term “pothead”? Just sayin…


  3. Young Pereezy YMCMB

    Yeah! Tha’s what I always want! Real Hip Hop Shit. Game went harder tham ever before!and Wiz did the same.
    Taylor Gang!!!


  4. Monique Roberson



  5. Wiz



  6. tgod

    Wiz killing these niggaz.


  7. W



  8. CarlosBonegro

    all wiz talks about is weed and clothes and money theres nothing wrong with rapping about those subjects but he raps the same thing in every single song its just tiring now but its cool im a stay listening to Wiz’s old mixtapes


    JuJu Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, When he has weed, clothes, & money, why not make songs about it.. It’s not like he’s going and talkin about things he doesnt have. Like most of these other rappers.


  9. Lovb qui Tygar Loover

    I like it but one of them need to bring something New that Hip-hop never heard of before


  10. Tago

    Dope, from Brazil,


  11. matt

    I would listen to every song he came out with even if it is about pot they’re amazing. Its his lifstyle…smoke weed


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