Frank Ocean Gets Support from Family at Atlanta Show

Frank Ocean and mother

Frank Ocean was surrounded by family when his channel ORANGE tour pulled into Atlanta on Sunday. The Odd Future crooner was all smiles when he got a backstage visit from his supportive mother and brother.

“Me and my talented one after Atlanta show!!! Great show too!!!” tweeted his proud mom Katonya, who had lunch with both her sons before the show.

Frank’s critically-acclaimed album is expected to sell 40-45,000 copies in its second week and first full week at physical retailers (sans Target).

Frank Ocean and brother

Photos via Katonya Breaux Riley

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  1. Roman Zolanski

    Just came here to post ‘first’


  2. ImmaslapMeAhoe89

    awwww him so cute i want to marry Frank


    Jordan Gabriel Reply:

    @ImmaslapMeAhoe89, not if I marry him first!


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, but we’re already engaged (franky and I) how does this work?lmaooo!!


    Lovb qui Tygar Loover Reply:

    @dexlovesrih, lol


  3. HUGH

    Nice family


  4. Lauren

    Beautiful family!


  5. SMH at your life

    I wish I could have went :(


    @4everlawayne Reply:

    @SMH at your life, I went to see him in Dallas Friday
    He’s amazing


  6. Dro

    Nice to see a positive family unit


  7. Lisa

    His mother looks beautiful, could’ve easily fooled me to think she was his cousin.


  8. Francis

    Frankie is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


  9. @ClothezMinded

    his mom is beautiful!


  10. Triniti

    Frank’s smile is gorgeous. And LOL…his mother and brother look just alike …. lovely family!



    I am very happy for him….keep up the good work Frank,and I LOVE ur music!


  12. SoOdd

    Franks moms is georgeous.


  13. L.Smalls

    lmao at her dissing her other son…. “me with my TALENTED son”


  14. Lovb qui Tygar Loover

    they Looks WOnderful


  15. TheDreamer

    I love Frank’s smile. His mother’s gorgeous and his brother’s cute too.


  16. freshed

    I thought this man dope when i heard Nostalgia, Ultra. Then I heard him sing at coachella earlier this year. SPEECHLESS. God works thru this man musically, amazingly.


  17. Ryan more

    Hi this is his brothers for all the comments you guys rock


  18. Ryan more

    Hi this is his mom hi thanks love you all


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