Rap-Up TV: Omarion Talks Maybach O, New Album, and Frank Ocean

Omarion is holding it down for R&B as the first singer signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. Rap-Up TV caught up with the former B2K frontman while he was in the studio working on his MMG debut. He shared what it’s like to be part of the family, what he admires about the Bawse, and how he came up with his alter ego Maybach O.

“It’s a name that I adopted coming in thinking about the concepts of the records, listening to Meek Mill and Wale and Rozay,” said O, whose Ross-assisted single “Let’s Talk” is featured on the Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation. “A Maybach is not a cheap car. It’s expensive and you’ve got to have taste.”

Omarion is 20-30 songs deep into recording his new album, due this winter. “I’m so excited to give people what I feel has been missing from music, the feeling, the emotion,” he explained. “I really put my all into this album.”

Plus, he shared his support for fellow crooner Frank Ocean following the revelation of his sexuality. “It feels good when you can be honest, you can walk around with things that you don’t have to carry around anymore,” said Omarion. “And I feel like it might have been a burden for him. I feel like he can walk around and feel happy about who he is now. Anyone that has something they need to get off their chest, I respect.”

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  1. Shademeister

    Cue shade in 3…2


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Shademeister, Omarion is ready to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!! I can see it! Frank is his new Idol.


  2. chocolateboi

    This brudda need to improve his articulation .. all this ‘erm’ ‘like’ ‘you know’ etc etc business cut it out


  3. Miles

    I can’t take someone who calls himself Maybach O seriouslly. thats just as bad as the ppl on facebook with names like “Tony SnapbacksAndTattoos Williams”


    freshed Reply:

    @Miles, Forreal. They seem to think that boasting about money makes you a dope artist. smh


    @RVYLE Reply:


    I can’t take someone seriously, who is paid _ can’t find a shirt that actually fits!


  4. MinajRules2012

    Omarion needs to come out of the closet already. I’m sure he got on his knees for Rick Ross to get that Record Deal. We all know his album will be a new FLOP!!!


  5. LV

    @Miles I agree with you about that name but I think its a good thing hes on that maybach group. I really like to see what hes gonna do next


  6. TRA

    Rumor has it that B2K’s former manager Chris Stokes was fucking and molesting everyone in B2K, including Omarion. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Omarion came out the closet. Omarion hasn’t really been popular since the 2000s. Omarion’s new album looks like a flop ready to happen.


  7. Bueton

    urgh, switched off after first 30 seconds, why he mentioning god flow in reference to MMG? that’s GOOOD shit, idiot.


  8. V

    So when’s “Maybach O” gonns step out the closet? Or at least admit he was molested?? Talking bout it feels good when you can be honest well go head and do the same!


  9. Jake

    Omarion, remember how girls used to love you how they love Frank Ocean now? Does it hurt, playa?


  10. mus

    I know im not the only one that read this going like, when is this dude going to come out too


  11. Sharp Tongue

    Lmao @Maybach O I don’t take him serious I’m pretty sure Rick breast fed him before getting his deal or maybe he gave up a little oral you never know in the industry nowadays.


  12. credits

    “I feel like, he feel like”…..Omarion it seems like you know what it feels like lol. Anywho, “touch” was one of my favourite songs from him and “just can’t let it go” but this time around, if all he sings about is sex, video chicks, popping bottles and the club life, then this album wont make it. Same with trey and chris brown, more of these males need to sing songs like luke james’ “i want you”….or maybe maybach O should get frank ocean to write him a song about something real, they would really hit it off in the studio. lol :)


  13. Rasan8250

    Umm Omarion was not the first R&B Artist signed to Maybach Music. Teedra Moses & Masspike Miles were actually there before Omarion was a thought. He is just the one everyone knows.


    MMG Reply:

    @Rasan8250, Teedra was never officially signed to MMG. Ross has even said that in interviews.


  14. TheDreamer

    The album better have feeling and emotion. I can’t stand these club and sex songs. I want to hear some emotion in music.


  15. Young Pereezy 'Dedication 4'

    Don’t Care what Haters say. Maybach O is goin’ to kill the Charts with next album, Can’t wait for the album.
    YMCMB MMG We Rich 4eva


  16. Samanta

    ATTENTION HATERS!!! All of you all that HATE on this dude for getting his rich boy on take my adcvie or be a loser & a hater! This dude MADE his money by working hard & being intelligent. But more importantly he didn’t spend his time & thoughts on who likes him, hates him or whatever! When you spend your time thinking about what others have that you don’t or focusing on hate, resentment, etc that’s less time you’re spending coming out with creative ways of becoming successful.This dude is successful because he is strong minded. He didn’t allow anything, anyone AND any-thought get in his way of success.Success starts from within. Anyone can make it like he did BUT you HAVE to cook the ingredients into a fine dish. The ingredients are: Hard Work, Dedication, Resilience, Ingenuity, Creativity, Heart/courage, Positive attitude, Leadership abilities, more HARD WORK, Education (You MUST study about what it is you want & master it!) Baby is a MASTER at seeing talent, having a vision & putting the pieces together to make success. That’s why Sony gave him a $90 million dollar contract 20 yrs ago! You can do it just DONT hate hate is a negative emotion that doesn’t bring forth anything positive into ones life Period. Good luck! I’m a music producer who’s gonna see this thing happen! ONe.


  17. Stop Hatin

    Why are you all talking about him coming out of the closet? Last time I checked this was about music.


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