Rihanna Goes Parasailing in Cannes


Rihanna got high with her friends while on holiday in Cannes, France. The Bajan babe went parasailing with a pal over the ocean as the rest of her girlfriends waited in the boat below. When she spotted the paparazzi, RiRi gave them the middle finger and continued sailing through the sky in a yellow parachute with a smiley face. See more pics from her fun-filled day.

Photo credit: INF Photo

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  1. :)

    That looks really fun!


    Realist Reply:

    @:), Rihanna is so exoctic with her Caribbean sexy self, african american ratchet funky hoez need to lay low. gwarn and live your life Empress Ri.


  2. demmi

    I love how this girl goes on vacation. She inspired me last year to do the whole site seeing jetskiing active vacation thong and I had a blast. Going to.do.it again this year. I got out from in front the Tv and I ain’t going back again.


    Is this Life? Reply:

    @demmi, So are you saying before Rihanna you couldn’t come up with the idea to go on holiday and be active? pahahahahhaha!


  3. meme

    this b*tch is always everywhere behind rihanna. I wonder how she makes her money and how is she stayin in the U.S. But I do give rihanna major props for giving her homegirl a good life. Most ppl would never let their old friends in on their new life when they get money and become famous. perhaps rihanna is the only star I can think who always have their old friend with them.


    r.i.p aaliyah Reply:

    @meme, uhm…melissa


  4. YSa Dwanne Oliune

    the Vacation Looks Like Fun for Riri & her Best friends. and There Have been Rumor that Chris Brown & Ludacris & KAurreche was There too to go see Rihanna


  5. tooreal

    i know one thing rihanna has some ugly ass friends…


  6. TheDreamer

    I like the parachute :)


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