Behind the Video: Ludacris – ‘Jingalin”


Ludacris had a blast while shooting the “craziest video of his career” for “Jingalin’,” the first single off his upcoming album Ludaversal. The Atlanta rapper threw a house party with twerk battles, jello wrestling, pillow fights, Oompa Loompas, and sex dolls. Ne-Yo and the track’s producers Da Internz stopped by to make cameos.

“We’re just having fun, man,” said Luda. “This is a real party. It’s not like telling a whole bunch of people what to do. It’s not trying to make it seem like we’re having fun. We literally having fun. We wildin’ the f**k out.”

Go behind the scenes of the wild and crazy clip below.

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  1. MishX

    I Can’t Wait To see Video….IT’s Bomb !!! #LudaNation


    Best Believe Reply:

    @MishX, AWESOOMME SAUCE, can’t wait to see this. i’m already getting hype just looking at the first pic. LEGGOOOO!


  2. Jillian

    Can’t wait to see the video it’s going to be EPIC!!! #LudaNation


    Jay-Loko Reply:

    @Jillian, queen


  3. MEEET

    Has he even released the song yet?


  4. TheDreamer

    This video looks good.


  5. mimoez olvo Rihday

    guess he gonna show alot of behind the sence Music video before it come out


  6. twerker

    who is the red hair girl?? she is hot!


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