Video: Busta Rhymes f/ Reek Da Villian & J-Doe – ‘King Tut’

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes moves like a boss in the video for “King Tut” featuring Reek Da Villian & J-Doe. The Brooklyn rapper stacks his paper, while scantily-clad women parade around and prepare product in his factory. When a heist goes down, he manages to outsmart the thieves. Busta’s Cash Money debut Year of the Dragon is due later this year.

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  1. VMili

    i fucking love this! Busta got some kind of rapid fire flow lately and i’m loving it! :D
    can’t wait for his album


  2. pete

    not bad,busta could have killed the whole beat by himself with no feature,cool tho


  3. TheDreamer

    Not bad.


  4. airtightph+

    i like busta’s verse…beat sucks though


  5. mimoez olvo Rihday

    Great Music Video and Verse the F beat is Alright


  6. Marailung

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