Video: Estelle – ‘Wonderful Life’


Estelle takes us along as she jets around the world in the Iren Sheffield-directed video for “Wonderful Life,” a single off her third album All of Me. The British songstress travels to Sweden, Moscow, Jamaica, and more on her tour, meeting people and playing shows night after night, all the while keeping a smile on her face. Put a little sunshine in your life with the feel-good visuals.

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  1. Fa

    She always sounds like she is reading her lyrics from a paper!
    Its more reading than singing…maybe even more talking than anything else!
    With a bit of MJB Flavour! That is all!

    I remember when she was a female MC!
    Man, times have changed!


  2. Curt

    Great feel-good video!!


  3. Kyle

    I love this video! “All of Me” is a great album. I recommend everyone to check it out if you haven’t already;)


  4. mimoez olvo Rihday

    Who is She OR is she a New artist


  5. aaly

    that prt wer shes in jamaca with beenie..thts part of beenies vedeo, thts awesome video she did well. big big fan n shes beautiful al the way. good singer.


  6. Krishan

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