Jay-Z Gets a Call from Beyoncé in Duracell Powermat Commercial [Video]


Jay-Z and Beyoncé have kept their relationship out of the spotlight, but Mr. Carter acknowledges his superstar wife in a commercial for Duracell Powermat. The Roc Nation mogul, who serves as an investment partner in the company, makes a cameo in the black-and-white clip.

A young man keeps his iPhone charged throughout the day using the Powermat. While at the club, a phone rings and the caller ID says “B.” He reaches out to pick it up, but it turns out to be Jay-Z’s phone. Sorry dude.

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  1. illerBrown

    The Queen B calls King Hov (The God Mc runs this town)


    katy Reply:

    @illerBrown, ridiculous !


    illerbrown Reply:

    @katy, is it though?


  2. EL

    Cute concept. Nice business moves being made. I like.


  3. Liz

    Love it!


  4. Really

    roc nation bey rih jay kanye in one


    hoover Reply:

    @Really, love it! four most powerful artists…all black #bow


  5. Truth King

    Thats a stupid ass idea?
    If you keep you phone charging constantly its life will die faster. The lithium will doe out with each boost.


    KurtiShane Reply:

    @Truth King, lithium doesn’t do that you’re thinking of older battery power not sure of it off my head. begins with an N point is lithium was made to prevent overcharging and improve overall life cycles.


  6. Sisiouatt

    Yeah baby!!


  7. Kim

    Jay walked away like fuck I got to go home and hear this shit again lol cute concept :)


  8. Nurse2013

    BOSS on ALL levels!!! i love jay


  9. Beyoncé:I Am Your Leader

    I like it. Get that money Jay.
    SN:I would of picked up the phone and be like “Hello, I


  10. RealIssh

    The way he told the guy , “Yeah” . I can’t .


  11. Tanaya

    Cute! Love Jay & Bey


  12. TheDreamer

    That’s really cute.


  13. mimoez olvo Rihday

    Bet that guy was aboutto answer the Phn knowing it say B then jay-z looking like MAn give me my phone back it my damn Wife



    I need one of those my battery dies so damn quick when I go out


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