Video: Jennifer Lopez f/ Flo Rida – ‘Goin’ In’

Jennifer Lopez

Backed by female dancers donning New York Yankee fitted hats, Jennifer Lopez seemingly returns to her hip-hop roots in the video for her latest single “Goin’ In.” The 43-year-old singer serves up an impressive dance sequence in the colorful clip, which includes appearances from Flo Rida and Lil Jon. Bright neon laser effects coupled with intense choreography, plus J.Lo oozing sex appeal equals one undeniably fierce video.

The GoonRock-produced party anthem appears on J.Lo’s greatest hits album, Dance Again…The Hits, available now. The former “American Idol” judge is currently on a summer tour with Enrique Iglesias.

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  2. boom boom

    I can’t believe she’s that old, yet look this good. Fuccckkkkkk


  3. AAA

    I can’t front, I didn’t want to like the song nor did I want to like the video, but I did


    MsMickiii Reply:

    @AAA, Same here!


  4. Felipe

    I love Jennifer, I mean, since the first day she came out in the spot, but this video feels just too over the place.. Like she tried to do everything and put it together, it just doesn’t work for me, but the dance, killing it, awesome like always


  5. Antonio

    Yes!! Love her


  6. meme

    i dont think she had anything to do with the planning of this, this is strickly off of step ups budget and directing. but i still love it, nice lil hype video and song.


  7. Mr Nice Watch

    weird ass vid, kinda like the song.


  8. Jules

    I agree. I feel like this video was based strictly off Step Up & their budget but nonetheless Jennifer looks absolutely amazing in this video. At 43, she is looking too fine; great body especially in the yellow half-shirt & graffiti like pants! You Go J.Lo!!!


  9. The cool

    Saw this today on MTVU at dinner. UWF stand up. But yep this vid is crazy


  10. Reality

    Puerto Rico is definitely a move next summer.


  11. mimoiez ovloe ain't

    amazing Music video


  12. Young Pereezy 'Dedication 4'

    I have to admit that J Lo did a great job
    The Video is amazin’


  13. hero

    Although she has had some nice songs in the past, JLO is old and needs to focus on being a mother and some of her new stuff sounds too manufactured. Where was she 6/7 years ago when people wanted to see her live in concert?



  14. Fa

    Isane…this is a trash fest!
    Cheapest shit since Madonnas Hard Candy!
    Lyrics=worthless (im gonna eyyyyy WTF?)
    Outfits= hooker
    Make up=tacky as hell
    video=low budget

    sorry for todays generation of pop listeners that decide to listen to this, instead of the many many great artists out there


    Lashawn Reply:

    @Fa, Say it!


  15. Dean

    Wow…great song and video!


  16. Jay85

    She definitely looks great…its a nice colorful video, its a good promotional look for Step Up…however in my opinion everytime I hear a track like this and shes on it, it always falls short. I’m pretty sure she has final say on the finished product but if your doing a song for a soundtrack to a movie that is all about dancing I wish she would go hard! You see her dance in the 1st few clips of the video but damn the rest is her walking and other shit…


  17. Kyle

    I love the visuals in this video and she looks amazing, but this song seriously SUCKS. Probably the worst J. Lo song I’ve ever heard.


  18. Danillopez

    great video. Love the colors and especially the choreo is AMAZING! Great song, great pop-icon.

    Can’t wait for her next song and video!!!


  19. Lashawn

    Terrible. Worst song. Worst video. J-Lo you aint 16! You Old!!!


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