Dawn Richard Shines at BMI Showcase

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard put her talents on display once again at the Viper Room in West Hollywood last night. The Dirty Money alum headlined the BMI Next Fresh Thing showcase, with performances from Troy NōKA, Revenge of the Nerds, and Shane Free.

“Middle fingers up,” said Dawn as she delivered an acoustic version of her empowering anthem “Automatic.”

See her perform the Armor On single below.

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  1. T

    Love Dawn! Glad to see her hustle not knocked


  2. O_O

    LOVE HU!!!!!!!!
    She gets better with every single performance.


  3. Liam

    She’s killing right now, with or without the tight production. She deserves success


  4. Nicole

    Yasssssssss dawn! Give me life.


  5. Mary



  6. anon

    Pissed that her live videos don’t the same love and comments her music videos get.


    Heartsheaux Reply:

    @anon, I think now u see why dawn does both. People claim
    They want her on live music. Those same haters who say she isn’t a star. But then why she does it. They don’t support it. She is smart ! Dawn covers both avenues. And that’s what makes her dope. She is an all around artist.


    Yesssss Reply:

    @anon, She’s still amazing, so it doesn’t matter. Sing girl!


  7. Kyle

    She can definitely pull of this song accoustically. I respect her drive so much. Love her!


  8. KeepingItFunky



  9. Heartsheaux

    She is amazing!!!!! I think she is flawless


  10. Vanessaheart

    Flawless Dawn


  11. Carlton

    I liveeeeee!!! Slay Dawn


  12. Melissa

    People don’t show this girl love. And its a shame because there has NEVER been another independent female artist as diverse and as hard working as Dawn. Here is someone always fighting to stay relevant and release new material to her fans to enjoy. Fuck those who don’t enjoy this shit because this chick is bomb. And when she really blows up y’all will be on her dick like I love dawn and imma be the one to say sit down because y’all was the same motherfukers that said she couldn’t and would never be “on”. Get me dawn. I fux with u babygirl. Xoxo.


    Love Reply:

    @Melissa, PPl love her, believe that, don’t think that! Her time is coming!



    THAT MIC WAS TOO LOW LOL. But she killed it


  14. lol



  15. Love

    Dawn is building her brand from the ground up, independent. She’s getting that paper! It takes time when you’re independent. PPl are starting to pay attention. It’s only a matter of time, before her breakthrough happens. MARK MY WORDS! And the performance, flawless!


  16. Me that's who

    Keep shining bright, because you’re a superstar!


  17. Jen

    Love this girl, and her movement. And she can sang live!


  18. Carlton

    I love dawn


  19. juicybear



  20. evr

    she is so incredible. She’s the only artist who I can say makes nothing but hot songs. no fillers. vocal and dance talents. can’t get enough of her!


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