New Music: R. Kelly – ‘Sweet Love (Remix)’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly unleashes the freakiness on his remix to Chris Brown’s Fortune single “Sweet Love.”

“I wanna do you baby/ Freak your body until you can’t take it/ Go so hard we got the building earth-quaking/ It’s like a marriage all this f**king love-making,” sings the self-proclaimed King of R&B.

Kellz dedicates the sensual record to all “strippers in the club” and concludes by telling all “the honeys to get naked.”

Ladies, get ready to be serenaded by the Pied Piper.


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  1. D. Kellz

    Kells is silly for doing a remix to this song. By only he can get away with this lol


  2. dodo

    the self-proclaimed King of R&B… Smh. lls.


  3. billionaire

    Somehow i love this more than the original if that’s even possible!


    Triniti Reply:

    @billionaire, Agreed lol


    100% Amazing Reply:

    @billionaire, I’d have to agree…. Rkelly is craaazzzzyyyy! thats what music should be about… Kelly should just keep this up, I respect him. He blended and tied up the vocal loose ends making it sweeter. i am sure Chris would be speechless…. they respect each other for real & I am waiting for that colab… would be mad!


  4. TheOne1

    love kellz voice. keep doing ya thing R.


  5. wp

    same shit different beat


  6. KayeV

    so errbody be remixing errbodys tracks ? urgghhh


  7. sdff

    Self-proclaimed King of R&B? BULLSH*T. R. Kelly never claimed himself as the King. He was given that title in the early 90′s by fans and radio DJs.


    Kenyon Green Reply:

    @sdff, Your right & let’s not forget the numbers! G.O.A.T.


  8. Saqure

    r kelly voice fits the track alot probably more than chris did nevertheless its a nice remix


  9. Primrose

    I’m a helluva fan of kells,he’s 1 of the greatest talented mucians on planet earth.the track is sky high BIG up 2 him,he can “claim” the king title it suits him 100% he’s the worlds greatest!!


  10. fee

    Love it…..


  11. Clashes

    not bad at all


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