New Music: Shanell f/ Too $hort – ‘These Hoes Is Winnin”


A battle wages between the ladies and their less classy counterparts on Shanell’s new song “These Hoes Is Winnin’,” produced by Mad Decent/Diplo producer Derek “DJA” Allen. The Young Money songstress adds some humor and a touch of ratchness to the Auto-Tuned track, which features Bay Area icon Too $hort. It marks the second release (see “Just for the Night”) off Shanell’s upcoming mixtape Nobody’s Bitch, dropping August 13.

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  1. O.o

    well i guess shanell is winning.







    Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @EDISON, Nigga, I don’t hate on G.o.o.D Music cuz I Like 2 chainz Big Sean and Yeezy, But Let’s be Honest MMG and Principally YMCMB go harder than them. Cuz they got the Hottest niggas in the Rapgame.


  3. Merril Owns

    This shit bangs! Cali stand up!


  4. ladyrt23

    i really want her to do better! i think she’s lost musically. i know she has the potential but she’s either being misguided by her own ideas or others. the concept of the song is very relevant but i don’t like her form of delivery.


  5. Ashley

    Honestly, this song is the sad truth….don’t know when hoes became the it thing but enjoy it, your time will expire soon.


  6. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    It’s YMCMBitch! Shanell is on the right way and I’m sure that she’s goin’ to have success. Go Go Go Miss Shannel The HOTTEST GANG IN THE RAPGAME needs you.


  7. Mercedes

    Anyways! Ms Shanell you are doing your thing! Keep blessing us with the REAL SHIT! This is a banger!


  8. flysly

    TRUE freaking STORY!!! So sad


  9. Lul'MissRed

    Why Is She Even In YMCMB ? BITCH Is IRRELEVANT!! She Hasn’t Dropped NOT 1 ALBUM Yet. SMH ! & Nicki Dropped 2 PLATINUM ALBUMS & Announced Working On NEW Music To Be Released Next Month. There’s NO Excuse.


    Naiki Reply:

    @Lul’MissRed, Well Nicki is First Lady of YMCMB that’s why. She’s not the only one who hasn’t dropped an album. The only major three is Wayne Drake and Nicki. Everybody else will get their chance. =3


    credits Reply:

    @Naiki, I have a feeling that shanell will be what Olivia was to G-unit.


  10. Naiki

    I love this song she is so versatile musically


  11. @LulMissRed

    Yet your writing about her? You sound stupid AF get a life sweetie apparently you need one! Does that make you feel like a big person to talk shit about somebody at least Shanell is being herself while nicki is a gimmick and a sell out bitch gtfoh with your dumb shit!!!!!!


  12. Killa Kid

    I love shanell aka “S-N-MuthaFuckin-L”. She’s one of those very versatile artists that i really wanna see win. she light years above her sister (d.woods) & it could be me but i don’t think YMCMB knows how to market her. She can sing, write & dance but always gets forgotten b/c of Nicki & That ain’t fair. Gypsy Gang/Nobody’s Bitch!


  13. mz. spicy

    I like how its,different the,truth n totalky shanell all over it. I cnt wait for her mixtape :)


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