Video: Tito Lopez – ‘The Blues’

The Blues

Following the success of his single “Mama Proud,” Tito Lopez premieres the video for “The Blues,” the first single off his upcoming Capitol Records debut.

“I’m asking questions/ Life got me guessing/ I got the blues,” raps the Mississippi native, who journeys back to his hometown in the Michael Mihail-directed clip.

You can currently catch Tito on tour with fellow Mississippi MC Big K.R.I.T. Click here for tour dates.

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  1. hood

    dude record he need krit or banner to take him under the wing and this kid will be good.


    Ricardo Royal Reply:

    @hood, dis nggh is inspirational and gives me a sense of relief about where hip hop / rap music is going.


  2. Ira

    I love this song… Finally, A meaningful rap song with pop appeal. I think a collabo with B.o.B would be really great. Can’t wait to hear more.


  3. FELON-A-Town

    I saw this video on MTV Jams and this was the only song I liked on the whole damn show. I searched google forever tryna find out who sung it and I finally found it! Props to Tito Lopez…and how the hell do you get “pop” from a song called “The Blues” LMAO bout it has blues appal.:)


  4. neworleansgina

    i love this song young black and talented i love the giutar in the begining it reminds me of the music clubs downtown…. i love you tito….


  5. Bigt744

    I don’t listen to a lot of new school rap but Tito Lopez is thr TRUTH!


  6. Ricardo Royal

    I love it..


  7. Monica

    The beat and his style remind me of Big Mike.


  8. shakey

    The new big mike…..truth


  9. The toon

    I heard it on the radio and instantly liked it. Great job.


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