Flo Rida Performs ‘Whistle’ on ‘Conan’

Flo Rida

Flo Rida brought the party to late night when he performed on Thursday night’s “Conan.” Rocking a studded vest and a blinged-out mic, the hitmaker had the crowd moving to his latest smash “Whistle,” which rises to No. 6 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.


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  1. Truth

    How is that horrible song #6 on Billboard Hot 100? I dont want to live on this planet anymore…….


  2. Young Pereezy

    This nigga needs a Brain wash


  3. KayeV

    this has to be the most annoying rapPOPer ever with his A B C rhymes . all i hear on radio is Whistle baby whistle baby . #soannoying .


  4. Fa

    Disgrace to rap and HipHop.
    I am so sorry for the young generation for having to listen to this shit!
    Very sad times!

    also a disgrace to all chubby gay femmes out there…!!!!!


  5. ayo

    stop hating, he makes songs $ the masses and it works 4 him,
    flo rida neva claims to be hip hop, he is simply a pop rapper that makes hits easily.

    the songs cheesy and all but fucking catchy, no mater hw much u hate him or the song, the lyrics just gets stuck in your head


  6. JLawls

    Roots > This pop bullcrap


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