Game Moves Forward with Wedding Plans

Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon Taylor

Game has had a change of heart. Despite calling off his wedding last week, the Compton rapper has decided to take the trip down the aisle after all.

The 32-year-old MC took to Twitter last week to announce that his wedding to his girlfriend of seven years, Tiffney Cambridge, had been canceled. “The rumors are TRUE. The wedding is OFF,” he tweeted. “It’s not her fault, it’s mine ! She’s a GREAT woman, I just wasn’t man enough 2 see it through.”

But according to TMZ, the couple is giving it another shot and has decided to move forward with their wedding plans. They have reportedly set a new date in August.

“Tiffney Cambridge & Jayceon Taylor have reconfirmed their intention to be wed in the very near future,” read a message on the couple’s wedding site. “Please keep both the Bride & Groom in your prayers while respecting the privacy and intimacy of their relationship. We sincerely & humbly appreciate all the love & support we have received from our loved ones during this time – thank you.”

Additionally, a reality show documenting their nuptials is also back on. The series, which is being shopped to MTV and VH1, began production earlier this month.

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  1. Mike

    Good looks, glad Game is getting married, Game is cool & hopefully he does more movies….looking forward to the reality show.


  2. reew


    a lame predictable plot twist for their new reality show.


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @reew, lmfao somebody called out the fake plot twist the second game announced the wedding was off! i was skeptical of the comment but now i want to find that person and give him some props!


    Frankie Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…, Me too! lol…I remember that comment


  3. Gamefan

    she looks like Tamia


  4. Isaac1818

    This looks like a mother and son picture.


  5. BrunoBruno

    Its nice to see that game and his girl take marriage so serious that they’d cancel their wedding as a publicity stunt to get people interested in their wedding show smh no shame


    whaaat Reply:

    @BrunoBruno, what? That wasn’t a publicity stunt. He already explained why he didn’t do it before.


    GooGle Reply:

    @BrunoBruno, Oh Dear, Now I understand why some celebrities flip out on society, cause they always think they know whats happening in and out their Life

    I don’t really know Game and for that i will not comment on this issue and neither should anybody in this world should , cause it aint none of ya personal business….

    All I want to Say is May God bless Game && His Fiancee


  6. theTRUFF



  7. d

    I guess that’s why they call him GAME but this is definitely not a game :)


  8. TRP

    Definitely for the reality show.


  9. Joyams

    WTF with this bitch those days


  10. TheDreamer

    She’s pretty. It may have been called off for a plot for their reality show, but either way they are now getting married. Congrats.


  11. Keep it simple

    He could as well have handled his private life without involving social media. And a change of heart under a week..smdh!


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