Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Will Be ‘Toughest Judge’ on ‘American Idol’

Mariah Carey

Attention future “American Idol” contestants: Don’t expect rainbows and butterflies when you’re auditioning in front of Mariah Carey. The pop diva will be the “toughest judge” on the panel, according to her husband Nick Cannon.

“She’s very serious about music and singing. She’ll probably be the toughest judge that’s ever been on [the] show,” Cannon told “Access Hollywood” of his Grammy-winning wife.

Millions of viewers will get to see another side to Mimi, whose new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” is set to debut next month. “People don’t know my wife’s sense of humor,” added the host of “America’s Got Talent.” “They’re about to get the whole Mariah Carey, raw and uncut! And see the woman that I fell in love with.”

But don’t expect her to give up her diva ways. “Nah, that ain’t happening,” laughed Nick. “It’s Mariah Carey time!”

Earlier this week, Mariah was announced as the newest “Idol” judge, filling in for Jennifer Lopez. Her one-year contract is reportedly worth $18 million dollars. She will take a seat at the judges’ table alongside Randy Jackson when season 12 premieres in January in Fox.

Do you think Mariah will be as tough as former “Idol” judge Simon Cowell? Sound off below.

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  1. jeremydante

    this is defintely going to change the game for idol. MC is a living legend & icon.


  2. Realist : Navy-Nazi

    YASSS Can’t wait for this diva to read these contestant down, an actual vocalist judging for once.


  3. Indie Reece

    Definitely believe it’s going to be different. I feel like she going to keep it REAL… @jeremydante said it best,” this is definitely going to change the game for idol”.


  4. LilRoyalty

    Mama gon be reading through transitions lenses..LOOOOOOVE..CANT WAIT :)


  5. Robert

    Finally a jugde that can actualy sing!! AI ratings is sure to increase!


  6. Frankie

    Who the hell didn’t know this? I hope she’s not like Kim Burrell is on Sunday Best — bitchy to the contestants and forgetful that not everyone can sing as well as she can.


  7. DEEjay

    Well this is another Mariah project, I can’t wait to see, along with the album, and Lee Daniels movie. Congrats MIMI!!


  8. boom boom

    Well, of course… She’s actually the first idol judge that can actually sing and knows a good as fucking voice, she’d better be tough. Idol needs another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, and no one better than Mariah to find it.


  9. @dirtyPEACHES

    The Queen will slay, as per usual.


  10. TheDreamer

    She will be a great judge. She knows talent, she’s been surrounded by talent for over 20 years, as well as being one of the most talented singers.


  11. Eliana

    This year I won’t be watching American Idol



  12. Jay

    I will definitely be watching now!!! Mariah is one o the greatest artist of all time! No better person to judge musical performances. MC is the ONLY reason I will be watching. :)


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