Video: Nina Sky – ‘Heartbeat’

Nina Sky

Nina Sky brings the party to the forest in the feel-good video for “Heartbeat.” The twins rave with their hipster friends as fireworks light up the night sky. The dance record will appear on the duo’s sophomore album, Nicole and Natalie, available July 31. Get lost in the trance.

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  1. Moi Moi Moi

    It’s ok.


    INCAS Reply:

    @Moi Moi Moi, that’s exactly it. It’s just ok. This is like album filler. I’m waiting for the album, hoping something better is on there!! Please let there be


  2. davyd69



    Say word Reply:

    @davyd69, Yup


  3. D

    Nina Sky is killing it with this cut!


  4. Truth

    Lmaoooo Horrible. Now i understand why they werent promoted.


    Marissa Reply:

    @Truth, Hater. Lovely video girls.


  5. Fa

    They do good dance.
    Still euro-trash inspired
    but in a good way.


  6. OH my

    super agree with Fa


  7. Arister

    I actually love it, album filler or not i’ll def bump this on the iphone while on the subway. Its smooth I feel it.


  8. xxx

    they had way better cuts (for example on their mixtape)

    hope there is something better on the album


  9. Vega

    Nina Sky’s EP ‘The Other Side’ was pretty good, but I’m not sure how I feel about their sophomore album.


  10. Hasan

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