Video: Gucci Mane – ‘Super Cocky’

Gucci Mane

A shirtless Gucci Mane shows off his tatted torso in the black-and-white video for “Super Cocky,” which is lifted from his latest mixtape, I’m Up.

“Gucci bad, so who can stop it/ I can’t lie, I’m super cocky,” boasts La Flare, who flaunts multiple chains and cruises in his Ferrari in the flashy clip.

Plus, go behind the scenes of the video for his new song “Too Sexy” featuring Jeremih.

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  1. Jay



    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Jay, When is his baby due? I wonder has he had his baby shower yet?


    Rafaiah Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, he looks disgusting isnt he? EWWW


  2. B.O.B.A

    looks like he’s pregnant …congratz gucci!


  3. Whatcha_Sayin

    Fighting back the tears…


  4. Holtz

    i didn’t know he’s that chubby


  5. 2bad2bme

    he is a lazy mess…over him


  6. gaddafi beiber

    gucci got knocked up


  7. Teballer18

    Gucci Fatter than Rick Ross lol


  8. Oh Please



  9. AAA

    Umm he look like somebody’s fat uncle


  10. boom boom

    howcome he got so fat? following Rick Ross footsteps much?


  11. Sharp Tongue

    If I knew I look like a pregnant chick with my shirt off, I wouldn’t do it OMG Gucci keep it on and that goes for Rick Ross and whoever else (*)____(*).


  12. bigboi

    Notice no one here has commented on the actual song LOOOOOOOOOL


  13. bitch please

    Its official…he needs to b takn out and shot for exposin that MESS of a body! Damn he ugly!


  14. John K

    Gucci style of singin is whack…bitch ass nigga


  15. John K

    Whack music


  16. :)



    :) Reply:

    @:), The music is horrible!


  17. Omg

    He is so gross. It’s not even funny. Needs to run a few laps. Stop buying cars and chase one for at least 5 miles you fat lazy bastard.


  18. Roc it D & to the R downto the GMLO

    damn ppl being saying he having a baby cuz his belly looks fat in this musci video


  19. MookLaFreek

    Everybody hating on gucci cuz he gainin weight but i bet aint none of yall in shape or got half that dude money or any drivin anything like he is…. HATERS!!!!!


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