Behind the Video: Keyshia Cole f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Enough of No Love’

Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne

Keyshia Cole bands together with her girls in the empowering video for “Enough of No Love,” the first single off her upcoming album Woman to Woman.

“Conceptually I wanted to do something that was strictly fashion and beauty and just a little of narrative,” explained director Benny Boom. “I just wanted people to see her come back, just performing crazy. So I came up with this idea of her sort of being in this padded room as if she had lost her mind over love.”

The Oakland songstress, who stars with her husband in the upcoming BET reality series “Keyshia & Daniel: Family First,” goes “psychotic” in one Gothika-inspired scene and performs some choreographed moves with her tough female co-stars.

Her collaborator Lil Wayne sported a TRUKFIT hoodie while shooting his scene on top of a piano. “I’m proud to be on the song. I’m glad she involved me in something,” said Weezy.

The full video will premiere August 1 on “106 & Park.” Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. kwayzee

    cant wait!!!!


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @kwayzee, imagine wut brah breath smells like lol


  2. vitty

    She seems to be so mean and serious even when she says shes having fun lol, Video looks good tho! Can’t wait!!


  3. da fan

    lil wayne is on everything these years……….good for business


    edison Reply:

    @da fan,

    wayne isnt on anything

    Jay-z 3 commercials jaaaaaaaaaaaa>>>>>>>>>>>>>fuck wayne


    da fan Reply:

    @edison, down with the hate o successful ppl, Im talking about being on everything on a musical perspective………….not on some commercial shit…..Jay is a rapper b4 an actor………so wayne is on everythin


  4. Ray

    Yas Mrs. Gibson!


  5. youwannaknow



  6. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    This video is goin’ to be amazin’!! Oh wait everything that ”The best rapper alive” is involved in is amazin!! can’t wait for the video…


  7. Shae

    Uh oh! Keyshia gettin down in this video! Love it!


  8. EMin

    I love keshia cole so Im going to blame benny boom for the following
    1. Rihanna- Russian Roulette (walls)
    2. Rihanna- You da One (Shadow)
    3. Ciara- Promise (Wall Dancers)
    4. Mary J. Blige- Mr. Wronge (Group dancers choreography)
    5. Ciara- Never Ever (Black flag with rapper)
    6. Melanie Fiona- This Time (Hallway)
    Unoriginal video but nice song


    yeezy taught me Reply:

    @EMin, chile you got extremely too much time on your hands and you looking to deep into. Remember: Nothing’s new under the sun. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a seat _/


    EMin Reply:

    @yeezy taught me, …You can go ahead and fold that chair back up madam >. And it was just an observation from an aspiraring creative director. If Benny Boom is going to charge Keyshia Coles label all of that money for a video I would aspect him to do his best and not cut corners. How you like those M&Ms in your mouth?


    Briana Loves KC Reply:

    @EMin, you spelled aspiring wrong 0_o


  9. Sharp Tongue

    Yessss miss Keyshia I can’t wait and Benny Boom is sexy also, WTF did Lil Wayne have on?


  10. Briana Loves KC

    Yasss KC slay hunty. She’s giving me 90′s tea’s in this video and I love it! SHE’S #15 on billboard. This will be a #1 hit. #PhuckyoFave


  11. tango P.i

    She is showing growth!!!


  12. I3

    killer song!


  13. TheDreamer

    Looks good. I love the song.


  14. Jay

    I’m glad to see Keyshia back at it! This should be a great video. :)


  15. Diego

    All this and her album still not gonna sell hope she gets a grammy cause she don’t have any yet Lmao


  16. Roc it D & to the R downto the GMLO

    keyshia Cole Looks kinda Mean in the video Bet that video will be Nice


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