Single Cover: Mariah Carey f/ Rick Ross & Meek Mill – ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’

Triumphant (Get 'Em)

A glowing Mariah Carey flaunts her curves on the cover of her new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” which she revealed via her newly-created Instagram account. The Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox production, which features Rick Ross and Meek Mill, will premiere on Thursday, August 2. A video was shot over the weekend.

Mariah has more surprises in store this week leading up to the single’s release. “Get ready for a triumphant week, we have surprises every day!” she tweeted.

What do you think of Mimi’s cover art? Sound off below.

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  1. kwayzee



  2. vitty

    YESSS!!! This is how you start a promo trail! Please continue, Nothing worse than an artist starting off promoting well and then just letting the hype fade (ie: CIARA!!! -__-)


  3. Dubois_

    This is called someone who knows how to work.. Look at Charles aka Ciara.. what happened to ‘SWEAT’ why did you even release it coon no promo nada smh


  4. Albert

    Why don’t you take your retirement?



    She looks fine, I hope the song lives up to my exceptions. JD & BMC production, MMG verses, bring us back to 2005!!


    MariahStan Reply:

    @ANTHONY,’s like that!!:)


    chyna Reply:



  6. MK

    I want to hear some serious mariah carey screaming on this. I want those high notes!!!


  7. DimpZone

    This picture looks older than methuselah. The song better be good!!


  8. sonja

    MC style baby!!!.cant wait…..


  9. T.Glen

    Mariah is a LIVING LEGEND! She know’s how to make it work and also knows how to work!(There’s a difference) Not to mention shes teamed up with B.Cox and JD, and all those dudes know are hits!

    Welcome Back MiMi!


  10. :)

    Mimi is back!


  11. eddie

    I want this song to number 1 real talk go Mariah


  12. Miles

    oooh fuck


  13. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    The only shits I can see in this cover are Rick Ross and Meek Mill, can’t a flopped bitch pic and the title of the song. MMG


  14. kevin

    This cover is everything. Every. Thing.

    The font. The dress. The hair. The retouching. It ALL came to-fucking-gether.


  15. Jason

    Looks like the Cover of The Emancipation of Mimi.

    If she sell 60k the first week she can be very happy.


  16. MEEET

    YESSSSSS Mariah


  17. Sharp Tongue

    Yay for Mariah and poor C-Error sweat came and went.


    TRIBEmusicMC Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, lmfao ooowee the shade . ‘c-error’


  18. TRIBEmusicMC

    chills chills CHILLS. I can guarantee yall that ALL the other female singers out there are nervous as HELL now that the QUEEN is back on the scene. She is about to MURK these b*tches!
    Been a fan since i was 5 years old and will be a LAMB til the death of me!She looks better than ever, and she KNOWS how to bring that fire to any track! She is a BUSINESS WOMAN! Don’t sleep on her yalll ! LONGEVITY IS KEY .


  19. Love.

    it looks like a picture from an old photo shoot…i swear I have seen her in that dress before??…idk hope the single is good because I want her to come back with a hot single..just dont want the song to be hyped up and then its horrible o.0


  20. Shawn

    This photo is NOT old. She took this last month. It looks familiar because she wears that same color a lot. I love it. I’m glad she showed off her curvy body instead of photoshopping it like most artist. Can’t wait!


  21. Lambforlife

    Its beautiful!!!!! Shes beautiful!!!!! Hope the song is great! And im pretty sure it will be! Love me some MC!!!!!


  22. Lambforlife

    Cant wait!!!!!!!


  23. Melanie

    Mariah is a legend that still amazes and never rest on her past success “so successful yet still so eager”


  24. @dirtyPEACHES

    The QUEEN has remained perched and unbothered since 1990 and she’s still slaying your nerves and owning your lives. Mama is everything!


  25. Lovelyi

    HOT I love Mimi can’t wait to hear her new music…..Yessss


  26. TheDreamer

    I can’t wait to hear the single. She looks stunning on the cover.


  27. Jason

    It was about time. I’m ready for new music from MC!!


  28. Jay

    Awesome! I can’t wait! Love MC forever! :)


  29. Roc it D & to the R downto the GMLO

    Pretty and can’t wait to hear the song


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