T.I. Is Swimming in Women in ‘Go Get It’ Video


T.I. was surrounded by girls, girls, and more girls on set of his video for “Go Get It,” the T-Minus-produced single off his upcoming album Trouble Man. The King of the South took over a mansion in Atlanta and invited plenty of scantily-clad women. Cameras captured him waking up in bed with not one, but three of his female co-stars. Off camera, his wife Tiny and son kept a watchful eye as a shirtless Tip performed in his house shoes by the indoor pool.

Take a peek into the Grand Hustle boss’ wild weekend.


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  1. MusicJunkie

    I’m Down With Rappers Talking About The Same Thing ‘ Not To Mention He’s A Farther & Husband ” Sorrounded by girls ” smh NEXTT !


    keraleestewart Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, U know I’m been thinking why the heck tiny sits next near the girls in the pool and…….. Texting!!!!!.lol


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @keraleestewart, I Meant To Say ” Not ” . Lol


  2. WonderLand19

    What a boring concept.Your better than this Tip.Give us something to think about.You can afford too now.


    killuminati Reply:

    @WonderLand19, he has to give you what the illuminati tells him to. He just a puppet rapper who sold his soul. They got him doing video like this,then he on Family Hustle “playing” a family man. He you one way or the other. Thats how folks get confused.


    The Beast Reply:

    @killuminati, ummmmmmmmm….. no.


  3. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    He’s The of The South, Now everybody see why.


  4. lmao..GROW UP!!!!!!!!!

    Why he still doing videos like this when he married? and why he have his sons(domani n messiah) and wife on the set of a video like this?

    O well…i guess he has to do what the record exc tell him to. Its just entertainment …because he surely didnt go home with any of the broads. Showed up..filmed the video..then left with his family.


  5. MMKay

    Tiny>>>> all those hoes he got in the video. She is so adorable to me. Not the cutest..but she has a beautiful spirit which makes her beautiful. and she always on that phone texting while Tip working. She dont be interested at all. Already been there done that sort of thing. lol


  6. TheDreamer

    No original concept??? I know he can give a better video than this.


  7. ola

    Nice won form my bors…


  8. mervin

    t.i is the man


  9. Taophic s olakunle

    Y u gonna do this since y a family man


  10. Bilha

    give us a break you are married now, stop carrying yours kids to such video shoot, even if you are intro dem to the business,i doubt thz is the way ,wen thy are still young to be around older naked women,,do your thing en go home to them,en does your video must have all thz women!mmmmmmmmmh wat a concept,


  11. Elnora LEGG

    I AM A 63 YR OLD WOMAN AND I STILL LOVE ti so you go boy


  12. Freddy

    something special luv it bro!


  13. Eve

    T.I. might not have a say so in who is in his video. I could be wrong. Although, I do agree. When you have a wife and kids and they are coming with you to your video shoot, then that means you don’t need to be doing these types of videos. But do what you do, because I still love you and your music T.I.
    Also, I don’t understand why women want to be in these videos looking like sluts without a brain for. They are setting a bad example for women, that’s why we always have it hard, because of women like this.


  14. Stefanie

    I have always liked ti’s music and style. But I think that he is way beyond this type of thing. I just think that this is going backward instead of forward. I still love his music regardless.


  15. Mr soft

    Keep ur kid away from this kind of vdeos N u ar far way beyond this!! i still in luv with ur music


  16. Roc it D & to the R downto the GMLO

    Ti Doing the best way he can Even tho He always bring his kids & Wife to the video set Cause his Son want to know about MusicVideo Behind the sence! yall should shut up about it.


  17. Person

    Why do people hate? What is he suppose to rap about? Things that make you sad & bored? It’s music for people to relate to. If you can’t relate to waking up to beautiful women, then shut up. Music doesn’t have to be about current topics of YOUR personal life. It could be about past, present or future & he doesn’t have to be about yourself. It’s for people to relate to damn. I thought hip hop fans would know that.


  18. Person

    It seems like people hate when people talk about different aspects of life. Beautiful women ARE apart of life, so why can’t he speak on it? It doesn’t have to be about his current life, it just has to relate to what he did or what other people currently do.
    He has a whole bunch of songs about life in sadness & corruption if you were a true T.I. fan you would know that.



    I love everything T.I. does. He seems so genuine to me. He loves his wife and kids, so what more could you ask
    for. He’s very admirable, he’s humbled by his mistakes, and he is just downright handsome. No disrespect Queen. I love how you just showed up at the distribution of the school supplies in Atlanta. Always positive. I love you!


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