Snoop Dogg Becomes Snoop Lion, Channels Bob Marley on ‘Reincarnated’ Album

Diplo and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has had a spiritual awakening. The rapper has traded in his famous moniker for Snoop Lion and revealed further plans for a reggae album inspired by his journey to Jamaica.

During a press junket at Jamaican-themed record store and restaurant, Miss Lily’s, Snoop introduced his reggae alter ego and Reincarnated project, which includes an album produced by Diplo and the Major Lazer production team, documentary, photo book, and a non-profit initiative called Mind Garden.

He was originally planning to do another “gangsta” album, but had an epiphany one day. “This called me and it put all of that to rest,” he said. “Anytime the spirit calls you, you gotta know that it’s serious and it’s real. When the spirit called me, it told me to find something that was connected towards the Bob Marley spirit. Because I’ve always said that I was Bob Marley reincarnated.”

He hopes the album will appeal to people of all ages. “I’ve always wanted to perform for kids and my grandmother and people around the world who really love me that can’t really accept the music that I make,” he explained. “This reggae music is a music of love, happiness, and struggle. Now as a 40-year-old man in the music industry and the artists call me Uncle Snoop, I gotta give them something new.”

He revealed one powerful song called “No Guns Allowed.” “It’s so real with so much shooting and killing going on in this world, and nobody ever speaks on it until it happens. And I’m tired of it. We made this record because I’ve always wanted to make a song that can stand for something.”

While he may return to rap one day, for now, he’s enjoying being Snoop Lion. “I’m a wise man in the music industry, not that I’m never gonna ever do rap again because I’m gon’ always do what I love, but right now, I’m Snoop Lion and I’m having fun with this reggae movement, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it as well. Jah Rastafari.”

Listen to “La La La,” the first single from Reincarnated.

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  1. Snoop Tiger

    Dang! I just gotta see that!!!


  2. Tahir

    I’m glad he found peace, but… ummm.. I’ll just wait and see the outcome


  3. k-thai

    After a certain age.. you just lose it.


  4. Nwvotes

    Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion. Is this ridiculous? Vote at


  5. mus

    Midlife crisis!


  6. TheDreamer

    Just NO!!


  7. Antonio

    Must of been some good ass weed


    chocolateboi Reply:

    @Antonio, LOOOL he needs to lay of that weed


  8. da fan

    I think e just wanna smoke as much of that leaf legally.


  9. KayeV

    Diplo is fit though :-D


  10. TRA

    Snoop Dogg is one of the top 100 greatest rappers of all-time, Snoop Dogg is one of the top 30 greatest rappers of all-time, and Snoop Dogg is one of the greatest Westcoast rappers of all-time. However, it’s really sad, terrible, and horrible to see Snoop Dogg continue to smoke so much weed to the point where he feels he has to change his name to Snoop Lion and do reggae albums to stay relevant. I’m glad Snoop Dogg is still getting money, but it feels like Snoop Dogg lost it when it comes to putting out good music. Snoop Dogg has the right to do whatever he wants, but I feel Snoop Dogg needs to do one more hip hop album and retire. As much as I want Snoop Dogg to continue to sell albums, I seriously doubt anybody is going to buy Snoop Dogg’s reggae albums.


  11. viy Boomz Dya



  12. anonymous



  13. Jake

    No, nigga


  14. keke

    why are people not accepting this? he’s trying to make POSITIVE music, there’s nothing wrong with that.


  15. Ratsafari

    Nga’s Snoopy jus wana enjoy a new track of career fora time, Snoopy said he’d do hip hoping again, until then let the Dog get high, Thinkin himself a lion.. :D


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