Video: Miguel – ‘Adorn’


Miguel sets the sexy mood in the artsy video for “Adorn,” the first single off his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream. Shot in Los Angeles with director Jason Beattie (Mike Posner, Good Charlotte), the R&B crooner searches for a mythical, unattainable woman in the underworld.

The project will be released in three parts, with the first micro EP, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview, available now on iTunes, the second EP Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview due September 11, and the full-length LP to follow on October 2.

He previously released a viral video for the abridged version of the song in February when it appeared on his Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1 micro EP.

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  1. Sharp Tongue

    Yessssss sexy I love it great song.


    Realist : Navy-Nazi Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, Love this song, miguel is fine. baby making music, my kinda shit.


  2. symbollic

    I’ve seen a Video For this Song Already 0_o Amd its Different from this One


    Ice Reply:

    @symbollic, That video was for the EP version, this video is for the extended single version of the song that will be on his album so this would be the official video.


    tooreal Reply:

    @symbollic, it was an abridged version, i loved dat video as well… to promote the album, like what keri hilson did for “in a perfect world” when she released “Make Love” the only difference is keri did not make a full video for the song


  3. Dante

    i don’t get the reason or point behind the album being released in 3 parts….. O_o


  4. YOKO



    SMH at your life Reply:

    @YOKO, I guess you thought typing in all caps meant you got your point across huh?


  5. ether

    super underrated dude


  6. brave.

    when I first heard him, knew he’d be big, and i’m glad dude is staying true to his alternative r&b ideas.

    …don’t really like the whole “3 part album” thing, but hey.


  7. Jaye

    i don’t like this videon but i love this version of the song!


  8. SMH at your life

    flawless video is flawless


  9. Sharp Tongue

    Also him and Bruno Mars would make a cute couple.


  10. meme

    this video is awful for this song.


  11. Viy boomz dyaz

    great Music Video this Verison sounds Awsome


  12. The cool

    He tried to hard on this version of the song so he tried even harder for the video. The first version was short but flawless. But hey he still winning


  13. Morgan

    Love it! Miguel has a beautiful voice…


  14. domenico



  15. Jay

    Miguel is just to cool. Great video and I’ve always loved this song! I jam to this song all the time. I gotta get his album. :)


  16. nana kweku

    Miguel is got so much talent,his vocals is jus amzing,I lisin to adorn errday gr8t song


  17. sean

    Maybe the only album i m gonna buy !


  18. alexus mitchell

    i love it


  19. alexus mitchell

    miguel u need to come sing this to me in person


  20. hello-kitty on erthang

    Great song miguel,To yall who hateing ^^ get a mo’fo miguel doin the damn thing : )!!!!


  21. Reinier

    you missed the bignineng of their day and one of my favorite first looks that I have documented, go here! One of my most favoritest photos ever! I know it’s not grammatically


  22. LadyBluu

    What was the point of that whole damn video. I don’t see how this has to do with adorning a girl with his love at all. Please enlighten me.


  23. kazy

    super lovin it,i adorn u miguel… less of wat ‘ey cey.


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