50 Cent and Kanye West Attend Mike Tyson’s Broadway Opening

50 Cent, Mike Tyson, and Kanye West

50 Cent and Kanye West supported their friend Mike Tyson at the opening of his Broadway show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.” The one-man show, directed by Spike Lee, kicked off with the first of 12 performances last night. It offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the boxing champ’s legendary career.

The “New Day” rapper called the performance a knock-out. “Man mike show was so good you have to see it. Spike Lee did a amazing job,” tweeted 50. “I was crying he was so funny.if your not a regular broadway play fan you still have to go see it. The show was sold out there wasn’t one empty seat. I had a great time you have to see this I can’t explain it.”

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  1. Popintl

    Good to see 50 growing up.. I think this is the first time I’ve seen them two together since beefing!!


    it's me letters Reply:

    @Popintl, they weren’t really beefing… it was all publicity stunt.. 50 talked about it once… it was to create buzz for their album.


    mus Reply:

    @Popintl, It was a marketing plan, nothing near a beef


  2. abdullah

    kanye west shits on 50 every second in his career :))


    Replay Reply:

    @abdullah, not really haha 50 cent shits on his career.


    JHP Reply:

    @Replay, Surre, 50′s last album barely went gold and he hasn’t dropped another in 3 years. Yeezy’s last album has went platinum and spawned a top 10 single. Not to mention he sold almost twice what fifty did in the sales battle.


    ewkj Reply:

    @JHP, kanye and 50 went head to head when they were both on top and kanye destroyed him. this is a matter of fact not opinion


    Aldubz Reply:

    @ewkj, 50 by far outsold Kanye if you consider the international sales. More importantly, look at Forbes and who are the top 3 rappers you consistently see? Diddy, Jay, and fif. So if you judge their careers based on who has more money, 50 s*** on Kanye.


  3. cristine

    Kanye my boooo!


  4. Short-T

    It’s funny how you think a picture with 50 Cent and Kanye West, you would expect 50 Cent to be the one not wearing a suit. lol


  5. TheDreamer

    50 looks great!! It’s good to see Kanye and 50 in a picture together. They’re both good at what they do.



    Ain’t these 2 niggas are rivals?


  7. Roc it to the D to the GLMO

    they all Looks Mad as hell Like What the F yall gonna do


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