RedOne Inks Label Deal with Cash Money Records


RedOne has produced chart-topping hits for pop’s biggest stars, and now the hitmaker is joining forces with hip-hop’s reigning label, Cash Money Records.

The Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, and musician, whose credits include Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” and Jennifer Lopez’ “On the Floor,” has inked a deal with Ronald “Slim” and Bryan “Baby” Williams to bring his 2101 Records to Cash Money under the Universal Music Group umbrella.

“I have always been impressed with the way Slim and Baby do business,” said RedOne. “Their determination to build their artists’ careers from the ground to superstardom shows their sheer commitment. I have strived to work with the best in the industry throughout my career and this opportunity to partner my 2101 label with Cash Money on these projects is one such example. Together, we’ll be able to continue to help build global stars and make hit music that we hope fans around the world will enjoy.”

Slim welcomed the Morocco-born producer into the YMCMB family. “We consider Cash Money a family, and RedOne fits right in,” he stated. “He is a world-class producer, songwriter, musician, and now record executive who just adds to what we have built here, and look forward to expanding in the years ahead.”

The first two artists on the 2101 Records/Cash Money roster will be Swedish-Congolese singer/songwriter Mohombi and pop trio Talkback.

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  1. Kwayzee



    GURL Reply:

    @Kwayzee, this b*tch. like what do you with you life, find a job.


    Kwayzee Reply:

    @GURL, not old enough :(


    Joyams Reply:

    @Kwayzee, i bet


  2. vicki

    yes!!! YMCMB


  3. Shutterbug

    You, sir, are no Mannie Fresh.

    I miss the old Cash Money days-Mannie Fresh produced EVERYTHING by them-he made the CASH MONEY SOUND!

    Birdman needs to clean house, dump the pop-tarts, and make CASH MONEY about NEW ORLEANS HIP-HOP AGAIN.


    Buuuuut.... Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Yea that would be nice, but where is the growth in that? I think they are trying to get to a bigger audience and at this current time the “pop” sound is where its at!!



    Jorge Reply:

    @Shutterbug, well jump on the GOOD music banwagon, they got him now. Only Kanye knows true talent.


  4. Buuuuut....


    Yea that would be nice, but where is the growth in that? I think they are trying to get to a bigger audience and at this current time the “pop” sound is where its at!!


  5. Replay



  6. Carly

    Waiting for that RedOne produced Christina Milian album now hahaha


  7. giizus kryst

    powerfull move


  8. Hip-Hop Fiend

    What do you expect they are a pop label HA!


  9. Jorge

    So…..They just made themselves more Pop lol This stunt is just to show us publicly that they are about the Pop lane and they ain’t about Hip-hop. Always about thd money and not about the love for the culture of Hip-hop smh


  10. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    The Rich Gang Got the Hottest Niggas in the Rapgame and the Best producers! Soo How can they lose?


  11. Jaymalls

    Say Bye Bye to your money RedOne! :hah:


  12. klipz4YMCMB



  13. KayeV

    oh hell ,this means more starships sounding music from that label


  14. TheCreat1veOne

    Only here for that new Mohombi music TBH. xD Some of you may not know him, but his music is so good! Hopefully they don’t change his somewhat tropical / pop sound all the way to pop though.


  15. Brionna

    Whats the incentive for Red One to sign there? It seems like he was doing well on his own. Why split the money another way.


  16. Smh..

    Somebody who’s going to really benefit from this? Porcelain Black, the rock chick from Weezy’s Tour. She already has Cortez Bryant as her manager, and she’s signed to RedOne’s label. Now she’ll have Baby & Slim’s money behind her…something she didnt have with just RedOne. Anyways, I think that Cash Money is trying to do something different, whether its good or not, because they’re trying to recruit artists from different genres, which I think is a smart move, by broadening their audience. We’ll have to see how this progresses to see if this is positive, negative, or just plain irrelevant to the biz.


  17. Roc it to the D to the GLMO

    What the hell Who the heck is he


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