Triumphant (Get 'Em)

New Music: Mariah Carey f/ Rick Ross & Meek Mill – ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’

She’s back! Mariah Carey soars once again on “Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” the first single off her upcoming 14th studio album. After taking two years off to focus on motherhood, the pop diva returns to music with the uplifting anthem featuring Maybach Music’s Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

“American Idol’s” newest judge provides some inspirational words to anyone who’s going through a tough time. “Can’t fall down/ Stay triumphant/ Keep on living/ Stay on your toes/ Get off the ropes/ Don’t let ‘em ever count you out/ Realize all things are possible/ In your heart who’s the greatest/ Reach for the stars/ Be all that you are,” she sings.

The midtempo song, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, was inspired by a personal experience. “I wrote TRIUMPHANT when I was going through a difficult time & it helped me get through it,” said Mimi. “When u hear it, pay attention 2 the lyrics #WIN.”

“Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” will be available August 7 on iTunes.

  • MCLover

    Mariah Carey Feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill — Triumphant (Get ‘Em) – Vintage Throwback Remix 3:54

    The ‘Vintage Throwback Remix’ of “Triumphant” is described as “commercial, with new Mariah vocals” & is compared to Usher’s recent work.

  • @daworldaintflat

    DJ Khaled – We the Best!


    I absolutely love it it’s a fresh sound and it sounds pretty up to date not what you would typically expect from Mimi but she always seems to pull it off…It may take some time to grow on some of us but it’s not bad at all..

  • D. Kellz

    I like MC but I can pass on this song because it’s not the MC I love which is when she has that strong ballad or smooth R&B soul song. I’m looking forward to her album, and I hope se continues to make music.

    Age has nothing to do with music or what an artist puts out, as long as it makes someone move wether its one person or a million. And her legacy in music has already been set on record sells and Grammys so she does not have to prove her longevity in the R&B. She has sold millions and gone platinum numerous times. I respect the legends who paved the way for the newer artist.

  • Winston Churchill

    sounds like a Rick Ross throwaway

  • Kyle

    I appreciate the positive message of the song but I agree with what others are saying in that the song is kind of overshadowed by Meek Mill and Rick Ross. Mariah’s vocals aren’t that strong and I don’t think this is the best choice for a first single. It will probably grow on me though!

  • bffishe

    Why is it so awful that Rick Ross and Meek Mill are prominently featured? It’s called a collaboration, people, and it’s only the first single. You’ll get plenty of solo Mariah when the album comes out.

  • Hugh

    Too much MMG

  • BWExtreme

    This song is a flop!




  • doperedd

    godriah!!!your voice is on point , i really dont like the arrangment of this song …but your vocals is strong but minumal…your being overshadowed by these ugly ass rappers …you gotta ask yourself did you really needed 2 rappers ……i hope the rest of the album dont sound like this…..this effort is not stellar its fair ….your a legend you dont need too do fair

  • TheDreamer

    I don’t know how I feel about this song. It’s good but her voice doesn’t sound the same and she’s overshadowed too much by Rick and Meek.


    Isn’t it a Japan bonus track of the special edition of any of her albums released 10 years ago? It can’t be more boring…

  • Frank

    I love, love, love this song! Mariah did it again! Such a hot song!!!

  • Jay

    Love it!!! MC is still the greatest in my book! This is my jam! Can’t wait for more! :)

  • :)

    This is not a good first single.

  • SlyFox

    Too much lame rapping and not enuff Mariah. I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for the download.

  • Libra

    I may need to hear this in the car to see if that’ll make a difference. But with my headphones, this song just isn’t cutting it. It’s nothing special. Hopefully, I’m wrong.:/

  • A Realist

    This song, and the remix, is already helping me get through some issues. Thank you, Mariah.

  • Jay-Me

    I’ve been a die hard MC fan since 1992 & grown up on her but for the first time as much as I wanna like this I’m just not feeling it like I wanna. Might have been a good album cut but not as a first single or a comeback single. The flow just ain’t right. I’m gonna wait to hear the remix and the rest of the album. I like the features but the production isn’t grest like it should be.

  • Lady

    i only have to add:

    I read somewhere, that Walter Afanasieff. wrote: “TRIUMPHANT” is a great music that after a few hours of it’s world premier its already the most requested music on United States.
    And that says it all :)

  • MCLover


  • Solostar1

    OMG!!Mimi is the GREATEST!!Mimi is the real deal in this music industry. Check out the REMIX to this song -It’s HOT!!!!Mimi is back HATERZZZ!!She will slay!!!

  • Superpabel

    Loooooove the song! Can’t stop listening to it.

  • MIMI


  • Ashaly

    Is it me or am I the only one that can hear this being Ashanti song and her singing it?

  • Nancy

    No your not the only one, i can hear this being Ashanti song, But thats no biggie because Ashanti has said that MC was one of her inspirations and in some of Ashanti songs she try’s to do some of her notes and some of her songs sound like hers none less i love them both but i just want Ashanti to do her genre and MC to do hers….# MC BACK BITCHES

  • Triniti

    Rick Ross and Meek Mill on an MC song? lol

  • Nessy Ness

    Love it! Love her! She is so talented! I understand where she’s going with it! I’m pretty sure knowing her there will be several versions of this song catering to a variety. She has fans ranging all over the map! She knows what she’s doing. She really has nothing to prove anyway she’s already out done all there can be done in conquering music. Thank you MC!!! Heart you!!!!!

  • Roc it to the D to the GLMO

    damn Mariahh Carey need a Remix to feat an R&B singer instead of rapper and it’s ALright song

  • Roc it to the D to the GLMO

    would like to hear a remix geat an R&B singer instead a rapper Maraish do a F remixx

  • Yup

    Zzzzzzz… Very underwhelming

  • Jonny

    This is what annoys me about the music industry.. this kind of shit can be put out but the likes of JoJo and Ciara who have amazing material get knock backs and no support from their label!

    • Chase

      @Jonny, Church! I LOVE Mariah and all but THIS ain’t wat’s up!! She only has the chorus in her own song! May as well been given to Meek Mill.


      I LOVE CIARA and JoJo :)

  • Love?

    this is garbage. Come harder! take notes on JLo on how to make a comeback!

    • Kilyan

      Puh-leaSe ! What comeback ?
      She been fading in the background since Get right !

  • Reppin Alabama~

    I like…

  • Cj

    @MinajRules2012 I love Nicki Minaj but she isn’t even on the same level as Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is a LEGEND. I’m not even talking shit its just the facts. Google the shit. Mariah Carey has DIAMOND Records. Does Nicki? Mariah Carey is 42 years old and is still killing it. Mariah Carey can work with anyone with the snap of a finger. Mariah Carey has WORLD MUSIC AWARDS. She had the number one song of the decade 2000-2010. She is still relevant. American Idol is paying her $18,000,000 to judge. Her album will shatter every other album when it comes out. Mariah Carey has a TRUE VOCAL GIFT. OH AND DID I MENTION… Mariah Carey has 18 #1 Billboard Hot 100 Songs. So MariahRules2012. :)

  • Superpabel

    Can’t stop listening to it. And the vintage and club versions as well. Long live the R&B and its Queen Mariah.

  • bar

    i like this song, even though she sounds like a damn short ass feature, but meek killed it, i could have gone without bigross and with another vers from her but im def feeling it!

  • TeamQueenB

    she only sang the chorus of her own song…. thats sad.