Mixtape Cover: Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – ‘Live in Concert’

Live in Concert

While we wait for his solo album O.N.I.F.C., which has been pushed back to September 18, Wiz Khalifa readies Live in Concert, his new mixtape with Spitta Andretti aka Curren$y. The free project will be released on August 9 to commemorate the three-year anniversary of their first collaborative mixtape How Fly. The Taylor Gang leader has unveiled the artwork, inspired by the Rat Pack with its vintage Hollywood imagery.

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  1. Will



    LilKimRules2012 Reply:

    @Will, This shit will not be listened to, this nigga is wack, and so is lola flopmore.

    lil kim new ep coming soon! xoxo!!! lets get ready team kim, its time to take over!


    Will Reply:

    @LilKimRules2012, I agree that Lola is whack but LIL KIM….she needs to be put down. She looks like a plastic freak and no one gives a shit bout her anymore….plus her music sucks! People will listen to Wiz because he’s a hero with a youthful flow!! Urrrmmmm Wiz or Kim…..easy decision


    kaurreche Reply:

    @LilKimRules2012, bitch shut your fake ass up U is Nicki Minja Stans


  2. Yummy

    stop putting art work out like Yeezy, everybody wanna b like Yeezy……


  3. Kalin

    Cover is beautiful.


  4. LilKimRules2012



  5. LilKimRules2012

    this sucks, lil kim coming to slay lola wack ass



    Lil Kim?? LMAO


  7. raph

    can’t wait…the cover is so cool…


  8. kaurreche

    damnnnn. those Artist who pushed back their album, it wouldn’t do no good @ all or it will fail


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