New Music: Elle Varner – ‘Oh What a Night’

Elle Varner

Elle Varner barely makes it home alive on “Oh What a Night,” an uptempo record off her debut Perfectly Imperfect, which drops tomorrow. After a wild night of clubbing, a tipsy Elle loses her car and buys the club a round on her tab. “I really gotta go and see my pastor,” sings the R&B darling on the Al Shux production (“Empire State of Mind”). Blame it on the Patron.

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  1. Vitty

    One of my personal faves off the album but in all…GREAT! album..


  2. Phoenix Wright

    There are so many single worthy songs on this album and this is definitely one of them.

    I’ve been rooting for her ever since Rap-Up posted up her first single “Only Wanna Give It To You”, Thanks for putting me on Rap-Up.


  3. Redchhainsaw

    I’m kind of bombed her album leaked! :-( ,but i can’t wait for midnight to download my copy


  4. Ice

    I admit, I gave in to the leak. But I will most definitely be picking up my copy tomorrow because this is a fantastic album. My personal favorites are Leaf and Not Tonight.


    Greg17 Reply:

    @Ice, Those are my favorites too and this song too.


  5. robot



  6. Max

    Her album is on fire!

    R&B is alive! ALIVE!!!


    Love Jeffery Reply:

    @Max, YES IT IS!!! R&B IS ALIVE!!! Thanks To Her (Elle Varner), Frank Ocean, Stacy Barthe, and Miguel!!!!… REAL R&B CAN NEVER DIE!!!


  7. @ThatGuyTyRek

    Can’t wait !


  8. Hugh



  9. Chris Shorts

    thank God for artist like Ms Varner Miguel and Mr ocean for keeping a dying Genre Alive I cant wait to pick up my copy she is really amazing


    Kalin Reply:

    @Chris Shorts, Co-sign.


  10. NavK LRoce Nought

    this song is Defintely Fire & her album gonna be Great.


  11. J.Cameron

    Go Elle!! Hot joint!!


  12. Shore

    There is one ref. to Hodges in that section:Varner, *James*2:17 ad loc“The couclnding verse of the section is an effective aphorism that adds to the already declared doubt about the nature of such faith ( what good is it?’) by openly declaring that such a faith (ἡ πίστις) is actually dead.’ The type of faith that lacks the necessary accompaniment of loving acts is a faith that has no life at all. Some equate this faith with a weaker form of faith that simply needs awakening from slumber. This explanation, however, blunts the severity of James’ attack, which he repeats verbatim in the final aphorism of the paragraph (2:26).”- – See Z.C. Hodges, The Epistle of James (Irving, TX: Grace Evangelical Society, 1994), 62-63, for a similar interpretation of “dead.”


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