Meek Mill Wants His Debut to Be ‘Classic’

Meek Mill

Meek Mill has been steadily building his buzz, appearing on records for everyone from Rick Ross to Mariah Carey. But the Maybach Music MC is taking his time with his debut to ensure it will go down in hip-hop history as a classic.

The Philly rapper has pushed his highly-anticipated album Dreams & Nightmares back from August 28 to the fall. He plans to announce a new date in the coming week. He wants to represent real hip-hop with an album that can stand alongside the greats.

“A lot of people been shying away from the real rapping and hip-hop. I’m really representing,” Meek told Nessa on WiLD 94.9. “When I come out with my album, I want to have a classic album, an Illmatic, a Hard Knock Life, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ type, a hip-hop album.”

When it comes to his favorite MCs, Meek named the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z, whose seminal album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life tops his list.

He’s already received the stamp of approval from one of his idols, Nas. “I got my eyes on him. He’s the next one to take this shit over,” the hip-hop icon told “There are no more street orators in the game, who are fresh off the block and can tell us currently what’s going on. So you gotta appreciate him.”

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  1. MEEET

    Another album push back. >_


  2. NICK

    Dis Picture is as airbrushed as hell LOL!


  3. Natalie

    My beautiful dark twisted fantasy is the only recent hip hop classic album, I don’t think Drem Chasers could meet that standards or my standards?


    Phill Reply:

    @Natalie, You’re sleeping on Life Is Good, it is the last hip-hop classic album.


  4. Le Duc de Torcy

    I don’t think the homie Milk will ever make a classic.

    At least he could be Tyrese double…


  5. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    True That! This is goin’ to be a classic
    Cuz whenever Meek a Mixtape that shit sound like a album


  6. mnm



  7. Nathan

    He’ll never have it.


  8. Replay

    Nope, this n*gga is a wannabe Nelly


    Rauno Reply:

    @Replay, Really? Their so different.


  9. Yup

    If he raps about his usual partying and and having sex with hoes then it won’t be. There is nothing original about this dude


    Natalie Reply:

    @Yup, AGREE


    GooGle Reply:

    @Yup, Most Def, Everybody that is out right now isn’t rapping about nothing more than SEX and Drugs making them nothing but this generation idiots artists besides J.Cole


  10. Miles

    He will be forgoten in 5 years


  11. james

    meek be rubbing his leg like he got an itch!


  12. Gab

    favorite MCs:

    Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z

    >Lil Wayne

    WTF, he’s whack, he sounds like he’s yelling all the time, and he has nothing interesting to rap about. No WTB, YMCMB, MMG nor other wannabe label artist will drop a classic, cause they’re douche and fake.


    Gab Reply:

    @Gab, and i was talking about Meek Mill being whack for naming Wayne among the best.


  13. Tunisian_Thug

    he’s one of the hottest Mc’s in the game right now, with kendrick lamar, J. cole


    tgod Reply:

    @Tunisian_Thug, that’s ur opinion. Let him drop that album and see what he got. His voice can be annoying sometimes


  14. coleminersmusic

    hes awkward and borin in this interview. Seemed like he didnt even wanna b ther the whole time. Dude needs to stay humble cuz he aint that hot in the game


  15. T-Mac

    You cant have classic hip hop album if Rick Ross is all over your CD.


  16. kravis

    Ahah the best thing he can do is throwing bottles. Dushbag. Plus, his voice sounds awful and i cant even speak about his shitty flow. Hé shouldnt have existed. Thanks big fat disgusting rozay.


  17. Kliyah Gearz01

    I would like to see Him work with Rihanna on a Song or Ciara.


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